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Krusty the Clown
Krusty The Clown
Hair Green or black
Occupation Television personality
Relatives Father: Hyman Krustofsky
Sons: Chin Ho and Chan Ho
Daughter: Sophie
Nephew: Josh
Mother: Unnamed
Half brother: Luke Perry
Ex-wives: Holly Hibbey
Eartha Kitt
Mia Farrow
Princess Penelope (ex-fiancee)
First Appearance The Krusty the Clown Show
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta

For others named Krusty, see Krusty (disambiguation)

Hey Hey Kids!
―Krusty's catchphrase

Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski[1], formerly known as Rory B. Bellows[2], better known by his stage name, Krusty the Clown, or simply Krusty, is the cynical, burnt out, addiction-riddled smoking clown host of Bart's and Lisa's favorite TV show, The Krusty the Clown Show.


Herschel Krustofsky had Jewish parents, living with his father in the Jewish community. As a rabbi, his father heavily criticized his son's career choice as a comedian. Although this didn't stop Krusty, who continued to entertain people, although this plan fundamentally failed when his father came to one of his shows. After this event, his father stopped talking to him, and they didn't make contact until many years later.[3]

Krusty is a hard-living entertainment veteran who has been down and out several times (always being rescued by the Simpson children) and remains addicted to cigarettes and alcohol (and, in two episodes, Percodan). In his clown nose, there are drugs in there. He seems to suffer from bipolar disorder, and, in a Soupy Sales parody, asked children to send him spare lithium from their parent's medicine cabinets after the nuclear power plant cut off its prescription drug plan. He says that his tolerance levels are so high from years of excess he has to smoke ground-up "moon rocks" to get normal.[4] Krusty – minus his trademark clown-hair, pale "facepaint" and red nose – bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Homer Simpson. However, there also differences such as his cow-skull birthmark, his superfluous third nipple, and his small feet. Krusty, like Homer, has apparently faced heart problems in the past as he currently has a pacemaker. The pacemaker has since permanently made his face white. He also seems to be disturbed at even the mere mention of someone having an affair, as when Homer tells Krusty the Clown that Apu was cheating on Manjula (due to his thinking he'd joke about it), he reacted quite opposite of what Homer expected by saying in a remorseful tone that it was sad, and feeling sorry for all of their kids.[5] Krusty lives in his mansion in the upscale residential area of "Springfield Heights", which is also resided by Mob boss "Fat" Tony D'Amico and actor Troy McClure.

Together again


Krusty's father is Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, and his grandfather was Rabbi Zed Krustofsky. He also has an unnamed sister and a nephew named Josh. Through his unnamed mother, Krusty is supposedly an older half-brother to actor Luke Perry, and Mia Farrow is his ex-lover. He has several illegitimate children, one of which is named Sophie.


Krusty is known to be best friends with Sideshow Mel, but Sideshow Mel is really just Krusty's sidekick. Krusty's real best friend is known to be Mr. Teeny, his helper monkey. He also is friends with Sideshow Bob when he is out of jail, even though Bob tried to kill him. He also shares a relationship with Bart, who is Krusty's biggest fan and calls him his hero. But while Krusty is fond of Bart and will often help Bart when he can, Krusty almost never remembers who Bart is and requires his memory to be coaxed and often just calls him 'kid' rather than taking the time to use his real name, despite the fact that Bart saved his life on one or more occasions.


Krusty has been married 15 times. He usually gets married to his sideshows, including Eartha Kitt. He rejected Princess Penelope at their wedding in order to keep her from ruining her life as he usually got divorced shortly after. Krusty also had a child with a housemaid that said she infertile. Krusty had a child named Sophie with Mia Farrow.


Despite his wealth, Krusty is frequently depressed when offstage; the contrast between these two personae is often used as a source of comedy by the writers. Krusty also exhibits laziness, irresponsibility, and promiscuity, amongst other negative traits. He smokes heavily and appears to have a low standard of health.

Krusty revealed that he was illiterate during a court case after being framed for armed robbery by Sideshow Bob.[6]

His illegitimate daughter Sophie was the result of a one-night stand between Krusty and a female soldier during the Gulf War. Now estranged, her mother has developed a bitter hatred of clowns and displays it with her choice of artwork (depicting violence being performed against clowns), this being because his actions caused her to fail in her mission. Krusty is said to have married 8 different wives, with each wife leaving him.[7] At one point he tried to pick up a girl at some point until he discovered that the chick was actually male, in which the morning after, he tries to get a friend to get him out of the relationship.[8] Outside of personal problems, he has also shown himself to have medical problems. As noted above, he once suffered a heart attack on the air. He was also implied to have had heart surgery from another relapse during the time New Springfield was being blacked out by Old Springfield.[9] He also mentioned that he was diabetic once to his daughter.[10] He also implied once that he has several organ problems, causing him to get worried when everyone decided to remove their organ donor stickers upon Bart's point after getting a drivers license at an early age due to saving Springfield from a fire.[11] He also had a serious smoking addiction, to the extent that he had one nicotine patch on his arm, and eventually tried to lick it off, resulting in him having to cover himself with a lot of nicotine patches, of which the only part of his body that was available for new ones was his butt.[12]

Physical Appearance

Homer krusty

Krusty the Clown has aqua-green hair in three tufts on the sides and top of his head, as well as a white face (which was once revealed without makeup in "Krusty Gets Busted"). He also wears a light purple short-sleeved shirt and lime green clown pants with red clown shoes, a light blue bow-tie and white gloves.

He has the same body and shape as Homer, which was frequently made light of in earlier episodes.


In 2003, Krusty was elected to the United States House of Representatives as a Republican (though he once joked of voting for Bill Clinton in 1992 whilst campaigning for the GOP) after Bart suggested he run in order to stop Air Traffic problems over their house, and with some difficulty, and some underhanded tactics from The Simpsons family with the help of a Janitor, managed to get the bill passed. A year later, he served on a House committee to investigate Ziffcorp – run by Artie Ziff until he lost 98% of the company to Homer for corporate malfeasance (he ironically was a former tax-fraud). Apparently back in showbiz (despite having retired several times), he balances a political career with his local cable shenanigans.


Career in Media

After leaving New York, Krusty started his 50-year show-biz career as a street mime in Tupelo, Mississippi. He then appeared on a variety of Laugh-In-style variety shows, but in the 1950s was banned from television for 10 years after saying "pants" on the air, which was not allowed at the time. In the 1960s he finally got his own television show, The Krusty the Clown Show, which featured Krusty discussing current events with serious guests (an episode of the show dated February 6, 1961, featured AFL-CIO president George Meany and a discussion of the "labor crisis in America").


In 1973, he performed a song of The Doors live in TV (Break on Through (To the Other Side)). The interview format got increasingly wacky, and by the 1980s the show had devolved into a children's entertainment show. He also briefly took up stand-up comedy, and during the Gulf War, he tried to entertain the soldiers (in a manner similar to Bob Hope) by making an off-color pun off of Saddam Hussein's name ("Saddam Hussein?! They should call him "So Damn Insane!!" Hahahaha!" "Hey, you're just fanning the flames of hatred!"), as well as having the Cincinnati Bengal Cheerleaders entertain the soldiers, which was controversial at best ("Hey, I can't watch this! I have a girlfriend at home!" "This is an insult to our Muslim hosts!"). However, the show was unexpectedly shut down due to a sandstorm, so he was forced to take refuge in a tent which coincidentally had a female soldier whom he later slept with. However, the night of passion quickly turned sour after he ruined her chance at assassinating Saddam Hussein [as well as destroyed an entire shipment of Duff beer to the camp, due to his jumping on her and her bazooka's aim going awry as a result.]. As a result of the one-night stand, he became the father of Sophie.



Krusty quickly became a multi-millionaire – mostly by mass-marketing his name and image to a variety of suspect products and services. In the Simpsons' world, there are everything from Krusty alarm clocks, to Krusty dolls, Krusty eye wash, and Krusty Klown Kollege (which Homer attended), many of which are owned by Bart. The more dangerous ones include: the Krusty home pregnancy test, which "may cause birth defects"; Krusty's brand of bubble gum, which contains spider eggs (which they knew about) and hantavirus (which they didn't know about); and Krusty's brand of cereal, which in one episode has a boast on the box first for a jagged metal Krusty-O in each box, and then flesh-eating bacteria in each box.

There is only one known lawsuit to date regarding these products, the time that Bart ate a jagged metal Krusty-O and had to have his appendix removed. However, it was suggested at the end of the episode that he would sue Krusty again after he ingested the flesh-eating bacteria that was put into the cereal. At one time, he had his own brand of Pork Products. This might have lead to his almost fatal on-the-air heart attack. He also has Kamp Krusty, which was a living hell for anybody who went there. A list of Krusty-related products is attached at the end of this page. Krusty also operates his own television production company, Krustylu Productions (a pun on Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz's Desilu Productions).

Each Krusty product comes with his own seal of approval which he is 'supposed' to give after testing the product himself. Unfortunatly for everyone who dares buy any of his merchandise Krusty endorses absolutley anything suggested to him immediatly and quality stamps shoody products without even looking at them half the time. It's gotten to the point Krusty had to open the Klown Kollege because there was nothing else left for him to endorse.

Show Cancellation

His show was canceled once after the debut of Gabbo the ventriloquist dummy, who was so popular, Krusty was driven out of business. Bart managed to get the Gabbo show cancelled in two ways: when he sneaked into the studio and switched on the camera during what was supposed to be a commercial break, revealing ventriloquist Arthur Crandall saying "All the children in Springfield are S.O.B.s" through Gabbo, and helping Krusty with creating a comeback special for Krusty was ultimately held (Parody of the Elvis comeback special), in which Krusty's many Hollywood friends bailed him out.


Krusty often retires from and then returns to showbiz throughout his career. One of his attempts was almost a permanent one because of recently-paroled Sideshow Bob's latest scheme – wiring plastic explosives to a hypnotized Bart and sending him up on stage to kill Krusty. However, a last minute change of heart at Krusty's touching mention of him in a speech waylaid Bob's plan (as well as a last-minute rescue by Krusty's chain smoking chimp, Mr. Teeny).

Krusty even faked his own death to avoid the IRS. Taking the name Rory B. Bellows he became a salvager of sunken ships (17x15)
Rory b bellows

Non Canon Appearances

Ssi 5 The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.


In the year 2013, Marge Simpson leaves Homer after he blew the family savings on an underwater home. Krusty the Clown then dates Marge Simpson. Homer tries to win Marge's love back by beating him up, and is beaten up himself. Marge Simpson then gets back together with Homer.

Treehouse of Horror

Krusty appears as the Headless Horseman in the opening of Treehouse of Horror VI, throwing his head at the camera and making his trademark groan.

In the Treehouse of Horror XIX segment "How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising", Krusty is the first celebrity murdered by Homer (albeit unintentionally) for a group of amoral admen's purpose of using his likeness in commercials without having to pay royalties. Enraged, Krusty leads an army of dead celebrities from Heaven to take revenge on Homer and other Springfieldians, killing Homer with a shotgun blast to the head.

In the Treehouse of Horror XX segment "Don't Have a Cow, Mankind", Krusty was present at Krusty Burger for the unveiling of their new Burger², and explains the process of how it's made to Kent. Immediately after Kent becomes a "muncher", he bites Krusty in the arm, and while berating him for doing so, Krusty also transforms and attacks the cameraman.

The Simpsons Road Rage

Krusty is involved as one of the townspeople who is attempting to do a taxi service among members of the community in an attempt to buy back the public transit system from Mr. Burns after the latter converted it into a nuclear powered bus system. He also announces the player's current rating system after the player completes the level or loses the level (although the voice who says the title itself was actually Harry Shearer)He is also a unlockable character with his clown car.

The Simpsons Hit and Run

Krusty the Clown advertised and endorsed Buzz Cola shortly after it hit the market. However, most other times, he was frequently depressed, and also had some disbelief in regards to Bart attempting to warn the townsfolk about an impeding Alien conspiracy.

The Simpsons Game

Rather ironically, Krusty appears in the level Mob Rules as one of the people Marge can use to protest the sales of the Grand Theft Scratchy videogame to minors. Mini-Krusties appear in Shadow of the Colossal Donut to attack Homer and Bart, spouting out various (and sometimes twisted) Krusty the Clown sound bites. Throughout the game Bart can collect Krusty coupons that he can use to win various Krusty-based trophies.

Behind the Laughter

Krustys first appearance

The character of Krusty was partially inspired by real-life clown "Rusty Nails" whom Simpsons creator Matt Groening watched as a child while growing up in Portland, Oregon. Some of his biographical details echo those of comedian Jackie Mason, who voices Krusty's father, including being the son of an orthodox rabbi, and being temporarily banned from television due to a controversial performance.

Krusty's appearance and design is basically just that of Homer Simpson with clown make-up. Groening said that "The satirical conceit that I was going for at the time was that The Simpsons was about a kid who had no respect for his father, but worshipped a clown who looked exactly like his father," a theme which became less important as the show developed. One concept initially saw Krusty being revealed as Homer's secret identity but the idea was dropped for being too complex and because the writers were too busy developing the series. The idea of Homer as Krusty, however, was revisited in Homie the Clown, where Homer takes a job as a Krusty double, only to get abducted by Fat Tony, who mistakes Homer for Krusty partly due to the resemblance.

It has been stated by Groening that the voice of Krusty was based on the long-time Chicago version of Bozo played by Bell.


  • Krusty stated that he weighs almost 200 pounds in Pranks and Greens, but he also has 30 pounds of makeup on, and he also carries heavy weapons.
  • In Colonel Homer, when Krusty was throttling Sideshow Mel, he shouted "I thought I told you to stay away from my sister!" Whether he was referring to Barbara Van Horne or someone else is never explained.
    • highly unlikelythat she is since Krusty reveals to Mel that he has been secretly dating Barbara, and that he wants to dump her after 11 years since the thrill is gone [13].
  • A man who looked extremely like Krusty appeared in Dead Putting Society. Although, this might be him, but the man was thinner.
  • Apparently, Krusty refuses to acknowledge his Jewish heritage on the air, as evidenced when, during one of his episodes, he told off a chef guest star for mentioning that the recipe was his mother's matzoh brie.
  • In Today, I Am a Clown Krusty purchases one of Santa's Little Helper's second litters of Greyhound Puppies.
  • He has a cattle skull birthmark on top of his breast along w/a superfluous nipple. This was seen in kamp Krusty



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