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I like to play with you.
Bart's first Krusty doll played until the battery ran out.[src]
Krusty Doll

A Krusty doll is a toy doll that looks like Krusty the Clown and is part of the merchandise that Krusty endorses and sells. It comes in many different versions. A lot of versions have talk boxes, some have pull strings or switches, and some work by squeezing the stomach.


  • Catch-A-Rising Krusty [1]
  • Tickle-Me-Krusty-He talks by squeezing his stomach.
    His sayings are:
    #1 I'm anatomically correct. Go ahead, take a peek.
    #2 I wonder what mommy's medicine takes like.[2]
  • Knife Krusty doll- Knife blade under removable head.[3]



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