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Homer Looking at Map (Artwork) This article is about various Krusty dolls.

Are you looking for the Killer Krusty Doll?

I like to play with you.
Bart's first Krusty doll played until the battery ran out.[src]
Krusty Doll

A Krusty doll is a toy doll that looks like Krusty the Clown and is part of merchandise Krusty endorses and sells.It comes in many different versions. Alot of versions have talk boxes, some have pull strings or switches and some work by squeezing the stomach.


  • Catch-A-Rising Krusty [1]
  • Tickle-Me-Krusty-He talks by squeezing his stomach.
    His sayings are:
    #1 I'm anatomically correct. Go ahead, take a peek.
    #2 I wonder what mommy's medicine takes like.[2]
  • Knife Krusty doll- Knife blade under removable head.[3]



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