Krusty's Pig Farm was a pork product production factory that was presumably owned by Krusty the Clown. As the name implied, it prepped up various pigs to be used for pork products. At least three of their products included corn dogs, frozen wieners, and ham. Most of the workers were various clowns. Although Krusty was the implied owner of the factory, the actual executives were book keepers. The factory included the cannery, which utilized conveyor processing machines (which made ham out of both actual pigs and objects such as umbrellas), as well as room-sized freezers and furnaces. The executive building was lined with various statues dedicated to Krusty. Deliveries of pigs were made via truck.

A pig resembling Bart Simpson was brought over to the factory by accident, where he proceeded to instigate a rebellion and escape from the pork factory alongside several other pigs. After taking down the executives by outsmarting them into being knocked out by their own books, he then freed all the surviving pigs, where they then fled to a field and celebrated their freedom by carrying the Bart-like pig. This event was the result of Bart Simpson being stuck in a VR machine during a school science fair.


  • Considering it's only appearance was as in the Pig virtual reality level Bart got stuck on in Virtual Bart, it's unclear whether the location actually existed in the Simpsons franchise.
  • The name of the factory is seen in the opening for the level on the side of the truck responsible for making deliveries to the factory.