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Krusty's Non Narkotik Kough Syrup is cough syrup distributed by Krusty the Clown for kids. When Homer "accidentally" created the Flaming Homer he mixed what was left of every liquor bottle in his cabinet. In his haste poured the cough syrup into his drink without realizing it. It's unclear if lighting the cough syrup on fire is what caused it to be delicious. Moe would eventually have a bottle in his lost and found. After Moe stole the idea and recipe to make the Flaming Homer to call it "Flaming Moe", he ordered new cartons of the cough syrup to make the drink. After Homer went insane over Moe stealing the drink from him, he would reveal the "secret ingrident". Later, people took advantage of Homer's secret and established other businesses that imitated the Flaming Moe.