The Krustofsky Family is one of the many families who are native to Springfield.


The immediate Krustofsky family consists of three members: Sophie and her parents, Krusty the Clown and ErinKrusty was married with fifteen different women, but it divorssa of all his women.

 History Family 

Hyman Krustofsky got married with Catherine Johnson and had two children:Krusty the Clown and Barbara Krustofsky. Then they divorce, and Catherine Johnson remarry with an unknown man and had one child: Luke Perry. Krusty has meeting a woman, Erin, and had one child, Sophie, he has three others children: Chan Ho, Chin Ho and a unnamed. And Barbara Krustofsky has a child, Josh with an unknown man. And she got married with Melvin Van Horne and had one child. And Melvin Van Horne's son got married with an unknown woman and had three children.

Immediate Family

Extended Family