"Kitty-Kill Condition" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


Scratchy goes into the office of Dr. Itchy, Feline Cardiologist. After Scratchy fills out a medical questionnaire, Itchy has Scratchy get onto a treadmill for a stress test. While he monitors Scratchy's heartbeat, Itchy increases the treadmill's speed, tilts the ramp so that Scratchy is running uphill, opens a trapdoor behind Scratchy revealing a group of hungry crocodiles, and adds a series of flaming hoops to the ramp, which Scratchy has to jump through. All the while, Scratchy's heartbeat becomes faster and faster, until the flaming hoops prove to be too much and Scratchy has a heart attack and collapses.

Itchy then puts Scratchy onto an operating table, cuts his chest open, and removes his heart. The heart escapes and runs on its own all over the treatment room, leading Itchy on a merry chase until he catches up to it and jams a lit stick of dynamite into it. Then Itchy puts the heart back into Scratchy's chest and sews him back up. When Scratchy wakes up, Itchy shows him a picture of himself (Itchy) in bed with Scratchy's wife. The sight causes Scratchy to have a second heart attack, which proves to be fatal.

At Scratchy's funeral, the dynamite Itchy put in his heart explodes during the graveside service, killing all of the cat mourners and the episode ends.



The medical questionnaire from Dr. Itchy's office.

The medical questionnaire that Scratchy fills out asks "Have You Ever Been:", followed by a list of catastrophic events. Scratchy checks them all, because they've all happened to him in previous Itchy & Scratchy episodes: