KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fried chicken restaurant franchise. It was founded in 1952 by the late "Colonel" Harland Sanders, who appeared in Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials from 1967 before his death in 1980, when Season 5 of Austin City Limits premiered on PBS. "Colonel" Harland Sanders died on December 16, 1980 of pneumonia at the age of 90.

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"The Big Steal" (1993) One of the Simpsons KFC commercials that aired in 1993, and the most infamous Simpsons KFC commercial. It was for a deal where customers would get a free two liter 7-Up whenever they buy a 15-piece bucket of chicken, but was only in Canada because this commercial aired in that country. However, this same commercial aired again in 1998, but in Australia.

Homer orders a 15-piece bucket of chicken and a two liter bottle of 7-Up at KFC. Not realizing that the 7-Up is free, he says that the cashier didn't charge him for the drink, but just as he's about to walk out with his purchases, Homer sees Eddie and Lou outside, much to his shock, and is afraid that he stole it.

Before the cashier can tell him about the deal, Homer runs into the men's restroom with his purchases so that he won't get arrested, and jumps through an open hole, but can't get through it (due to his weight).

He then sees Abraham Simpson II walk by, and tells him that he needs his help because Eddie and Lou are after him due to swiping the 7-Up without purchasing it. However, Abe tells Homer that KFC is giving the 7-Up away for free, so he grabs both the 7-Up and the bucket from Homer, and laughs as he walks away.

Homer then gets pushed out of the hole by the cashier, and thuds to the ground off-screen.

After the commercial shows the info about the free 7-Up deal, Homer is seen lying on the ground in pain from getting pushed out, and the cashier says to him that he forgot his moist towelettes for his food. Homer then lies his head on the ground and moans.

Simpsons kfc 2
"Sneaking from Sector 7G" (1993) The other Simpsons KFC commercial that aired in 1993. It was for another deal where customers would get a free Simpsons collectors cup whenever they buy a popcorn chicken combo, but it was only in Canada again, because this commercial aired in said country.

From his workplace at Sector 7G, Homer sees a KFC restaurant across the street, much to his amazement. He then goes underground from his workplace and travels from underneath the power plant so that he won't get caught. Far from the plant, Homer sneaks back up from underneath, and rides a motorcycle fast enough for him to go across the street. However, he falls straight down landing right into the restaurant after going through the roof.

Homer then sees the popcorn chicken and cup, much to his amazement. Unfortunately, Mr. Burns is already there before him, and asks him if he's going somewhere, much to Homer's shock, so he screams and leaves to get back to work.

Curious, Mr. Burns shows Smithers what he ordered; a popcorn chicken combo, fries, and a Pepsi in a handsome collectors cup. He then says to Smithers if he ever sees that buffoon's (Homer's) face again, then he'll do something, but just when he was trying to say what he'll do, he notices Homer's face on his free collectors cup, and screams.

Simpsons KFC promotions

Not only in 1993 where there were two Simpsons KFC commercials, but there was also fast food toys. Like in 1998, Australian KFCs had a secret mission based on this commercial. Homer would die but then be revived by 7 Up.