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Katy Perry is a pop singer who sang songs like, "California Gurls" and "Part of Me." She was married to actor Russell Brand for one year. She also has a movie called "Part of Me" which came out in 2012.

She was on the Simpsons in The Fight Before Christmas and she played herself. In this special, she is Moe's girlfriend and appears after Mr. Burns enters the Simpsons' home. She believes that the house (which the Simpsons told Moe to care of) is really a bachelor pad. She along with all the characters (as puppets) begin to sing "The 39 days of Christmas". After the credits, She is last seen with Moe who is trying to kiss her, but is unable due to his height. He then decides to kiss her belly button, but is really kissing her vulva. A surprised Katy Perry reveals this to him and stops, but tells him to continue and continues kissing her vagina, much to her delight.


Simp Episode – "The Fight Before Christmas" (only seen in the puppet version of the Simpsons)

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