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Kamp Krusty (location)

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Kamp Krusty
Tapped Out Kamp Krusty
Summer Camp
Town Springfield
Owner Krusty the Clown
First Appearance "Kamp Krusty"

Kamp Krusty is a summer camp for kids.

History Edit

Kamp Krusty was a very bad, low- budgeted camp. Every kid thought that it was going to be fun through a false advertising campaign, but it was a nightmare for them. Krusty never showed up, they were forced to eat gruel, and the overweight kids were locked in an institution for weight loss where they were denied any food and put under the control of a gunny, forced to stay in drafty cabins with no sheets or ways to stay warm. The camp counselors were Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, who relentlessly bullied them during the time. The head of the camp, Mr. Black, was an evil man who deliberately set up the camp to break their spirits. Krusty himself was not the actual creator of the camp until the kids had overthrown the adults and teens, and it was implied that he was bribed to put his name on it, something he later regrets.[1]

During this time Lisa tried to contact her parents to tell them the horrors of the camp but was ignored. Whether this was because they thought she was just home sick or like the other parents were too relaxed and happy their kids were gone for the summer to really care is unknown but it is likely a combination of both.

Eventually, in an attempt to placate the kids, Mr. Black hired Barney Gumble, had him wear a clown suit, and attempted to pass him off as Krusty the Clown. The kids were suspicious, and Bart immediately saw this "Krusty" for what he was, even before Barney broke what little illusion there was, if there ever was, by claiming he was, indeed, "Krunchy the Clown" and burping. This resulted in Bart rallying the other kids in rebellion, forcing the camp counsel to retreat.

During the time their kids were away the parents did enjoy themselves, many couples being more romantic with reach other than the kids would normally allow if they were there. Homer was even able to grow new hair and lost weight.....which immediately fell out and was regained upon seeing Bart as the leader of the child seized camp.


Non-Canon Appearances Edit


Lisa out in front of the camp In Hit and Run

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The Simpsons: Hit and RunEdit

In the video game The Simpsons: Hit and Run, on the Squidport levels there, Kamp Krusty can be found. It is located near the Springfield Dam, and an under-construction bridge. Several gags, collectibles and wasp cameras can be found. The well serves as a secret on-foot route to the bottom of the mountain. In level 3, Otto will sell the school bus to the player there.

Trivia Edit

  • In the episode, Kamp Krusty is a vast place with a number of buildings and nature areas. However, in the game it is extremely small, with no nature areas whatsoever, and very few buildings.
  • When the kids are on their way to Kamp Krusty, the bridge leading to the camp collapses just after the bus drives across it. Later, when Krusty takes the kids to Tijuana, they're driving the bus, but how they left isn't specified.[2]
  • Martin Prince is seen in the overweight institute, along with his friends.[3]

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