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Kamp Krustier is the fifteenth episode of Season 28. It is a sequel to the Season 4 episode Kamp Krusty.


When Bart and Lisa come back to Springfield after a traumatic incident at Kamp Krusty, they put a conclusion to Homer and Marge's romantic encounters. Without sex to distract him, Homer becomes a more productive worker and caring husband, but Marge misses the old Homer. Then, Bart and Lisa return to camp to confront the source of their trauma.

Full Story

In a flashback to Kamp Krusty, Homer and Marge are romancing each other in Bart's treehouse when Chief Wiggum and Lou arrive about a disturbance (they had been called by Ned). Homer tells the cops there aren't any problems and that the kids are at Kamp Krusty, showing a postcard which zooms in showing Bart and the bullies terrorizing and destroying the camp.

Back to the present time, the kids return from Kamp Krusty, all of them in shock about the camp. Marge takes Bart and Lisa to counseling, where the counselor tells Lisa that she won't be able to attend school (but she admits of being okay so she can). Bart pretends he is traumatized and he is allowed to skip school. Bart continues to pretend to be traumatized, when Homer and Marge attempt to ''snuggle'' (Ned is peeping at them with the phone in his hand again). They are interrupted by Bart, who is allowed to sleep in their bed, because he made a tear when he was 10 years old, much to Homer's disappointment who gave him a dollar wand says "just giving him his allowance".

The next morning, Bart continues to behave traumatized so he can skip school, as well as making Marge make him his preferred food (saying that the fruit was served at the camp). He also continues to sleep in the couple's bed, causing Homer to leave early for work (to Marge's dismay). Homer realizes how much better it is to go to work early (free car space, more donuts, and hot coffee apparently). He reads the nuclear plant manual (much to the surprise of Carl and Lenny), and also catches up on subscriptions for nuclear magazines and gives some advice on it, leaving Smithers very impressed. Bart wakes up and realizes he was traumatized after all, so he wakes up Lisa (who asks him to wait until morning which he does) and tells her about finding a red life jacket. Lisa also remembers it and realizes she was traumatized, too. Homer makes breakfast for Marge, much to her surprise, and also Grampa Simpson, who asks who he is. Homer also gives Mr. Burns some advice, causing him to get a raise (also his own trapdoor button).

Bart and Lisa are in a waterpark where they are still traumatized about seeing red vests, and it also leads Lisa to get a free pass to the front of the line. Back at home, Marge attempts to have sex with Homer, but he refuses, pledging his abstinence leading her to realize they need therapy. In therapy, the counselors, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, tell Marge that she has to take Bart and Lisa back to Kamp Krusty to confront their ''demons''.

Back at Kamp Krusty, Homer and Marge leave the kids to confront their traumatization, while they go spend time at a new adult club that opened there. The kids are welcomed by Krusty, where they realize that a kid named Charlie might have been killed at camp (when Bart, Lisa and Charlie attempt to escape from a play).

Meanwhile, Marge attempts to seduce Homer who at first resists, but eventually gives up. Krusty, Bart, and Lisa arrive at the security point, where they discover that Charlie is still alive and serving as a massager. Bart gets teared up (which Lisa claims is a miracle), happy that everything turned out great. In the meantime, Marge and Homer enjoy a romantic evening together with Marge being grateful that the old Homer is back.


Dennis Perkins of The A,V Club gave the episode a C- stating, "Well, no one can accuse The Simpsons of trampling all over one of its all-time best episodes. Actually, wait—I can, as the 24-seasons-removed “Kamp Krustier” finds a way to revisit the classic Simpsons episode “Kamp Krusty” without expanding on it, deconstructing it, or even making a memorable travesty of it. That long-absent original “Kamp Krusty” writer David M. Stern returned to the show as main credited writer for the first time in some 18 years and produced something so innocuously unmemorable is a genuine disappointment."



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