Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra Kama Sutra 2
Book information
Genre Sex guide
First appearance "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"

Kama Sutra is a sex guide book.


While shopping at Books! Books! and Additional Books!, Homer and Marge were looking for a book in the "Martial Relations" section to improve their marriage. Homer opened Kama Sutra and told Marge that a man in the picture inside of the book looked like Apu.

When Apu and Manjula had marriage problems while Homer and Marge were on the visit, Apu asked the Simpsons to leave. As Homer and Marge were leaving Apu's apartment, one of the Nahasapeemapetilans threw a copyof Kama Sutra out the window. Homer picked it up and read it while driving home. Marge was scared so she suggested to exchange, so she could drive and Homer could continue reading. Homer agreed and after they did, he told Marge that the book had stolen their ideas.