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KBBL is the radio call sign used for radio and television stations that broadcast from Springfield. All three are owned by KBBL Broadcasting Inc.

KBBL-FMs frequency is 102.5 FM, and its morning show is hosted by Bill and Marty. It has changed formats over the years, but as of 2000, it has had a male-targeted AC format with an emphasis on Classic Hits.

Its co-owned AM sister station with pudding masters, KBBL-AM at 970 AM, although until recently it was at 580 AM, is a talk radio station and one of its shows is hosted by Birch Barlow (a Rush Limbaugh parody) and another by Jerry Rude (a Howard Stern parody). This station also covers sporting events. KBBL's slogan is "No sports, no rock, no information; for mindless chatter, we're your station," leading to the call letters "KBBL", or "K-Babble".

KBBL at 970 has recently been seen covering baseball games. It's logo is big red letters written down.

Que BBL at 640 AM is believed to have a similar format although in Spanish.

Per FCC regulations, the prefix of K represents broadcasting facilities west of the Mississippi, meaning that Springfield must be located somewhere west of that river. However, if the station started broadcasting with the abbreviation before 1912 (when the FCC regulation went into effect), it legally could have been grandfathered in. Regardless, the station is still one of the strongest, yet sadly one of the least specific, definite clues as to Springfield's location in the United States.

In Fraudcast News, Mr. Burns formely owned the radio station and fired the main hosts in order to raise his status from a bad to a good person.


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