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K-Bart is a comic strip in Bart Simpson #24 and Bart Simpson Comics #25 in the US.


Nelson and Bart pretend to be Skinner and Chalmers over the school radio system. After getting detention for a month, Bart and Nelson decide to start a radio show, The After-School Special with Bart and Nelson. It is enjoyed by everyone, and is signed up by a radio contract with KBOR. Birch Barlow starts losing listeners; he tries to buy out Nelson and Bart. After they dismiss the offer, Birch builds a billboard blocking the radio signal. Burns stops giving ad revenue due to being close friends with Barlow, and KBOR stops the show. They find a way to ruin Barlow's show, but just as they are about to, it is revealed that a new show is on air, with Skinner and Chalmers as host.

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