Joseph Stalin, known simply as Stalin was a former Premier of the Soviet Union.


When Krusty faked his own death, Homer comforted his son by telling him that Krusty is in heaven with Joseph Stalin, among other celebrities. [1]

At a HUAC meeting Abe told the audience that he would like to name Fred Wilson, Bill Simpson, Dom DiMaggio, the paper boy,Howdy Doody, and Joseph Stalin as members of the Communist party.[2]

Lenny once mentioned that Stalin put his grandmother in a labor camp for 20 years. [3]

During the song "High to Be Loathed", Mr. Burns mentions Stalin, and makes his shadow, among lots of other villains.[4]

A picture of Stalin and Roosevelt is seen in Donnie Fatso.[5]

Mr.Burns once met with Stalin and drew a portrait of him, which was better than his other pictures, because as Burns mentioned "He puts on a lot of pressure".[6]

Agnes life long dream was to marry and kill Joseph Stalin, but she eventually gave up on it.[7]



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