The John Kricfalusi Couch Gag is the couch gag for Treehouse of Horror XXVI. It was John's second couch gag for the show.


Bart, Lisa and Maggie are asking for trick or treats nearby at a cemetery when ghosts from deceased children and other creatures start chasing them. They eventually end up cornered, but a monster comes out of Frank Grimes's grave, scaring all the ghosts. The monster captures Bart, peels him like a banana and eats his vitals, but when he tries to do the same with Lisa, Maggie (dressed as a bee) stings his tongue.

The kids escape the monster by going home and hiding under the couch, where Homer and Marge are, but Homer laughs and the says that there's no such things as ghosts. At this moment, the deceased kids' ghosts and the monster break into the house, scaring Homer. The monster captures Homer's soul and eats it, leaving only his unanimated body. Marge then remembers that "now it's time for the cartoon".


Bart: Trick or treat!
Man: On this filthy night of evil
Little gaudy beggars stroll
As they lure ghouls, ghosts and goblins
Hungry for their innocent souls.
There is a hellish breeze a-groanin'
As the children they pursue
You can hear their bellies moanin'
They might even gnaw on you.
But ruler of this sordid host
More ghastly than them all
Lurks a ravenous beastly monster
More than 25 feet tall!
Lisa: (screams)
Men: He's dirty and he's hairy
And his mouth tastes just like crap
Like you, he's trick-or-treating
For some candies to unwrap!
The Lord abhors your foul disguise
You thought to cloak your skin
But now you've lured this fiend from Hell
Who craves your soul within!
Children: He's hungry for your vitals.
He likes you moist and ripe.
And should he find you spiced with sin
Then you're his favorite type.
Men: He'll chew your juicy insides
Masticate you till you're pulp
Every little soul he'll swallow
With a stinky-ass gulp!
Homer: (Laughs) There's no such thing as ghosts, you dumb kids! (the monster eats Homer's soul)
Marge: And now it's time for the cartoon!