Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo is a character seen in Moe's tavern when Homer seeks advice from Barney, Moe and the other barflies about his infatuation with Mindy Simmons, his co-worker at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


Rather than straightforwardly admitting to being attracted to Mindy, Homer attempts to bring up the subject delicately, claiming that a friend of his, "Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo", has been having trouble with a female co-worker. A man sitting alone at the end of the bar looks up, appearing to be interested. Moe, seeing through Homer's charade, says "That's the worst name I ever heard." The man at the end of the bar runs out the door, crying. Barney calls after him "Hey! Joey Jo-Jo!" in an attempt to apologize for Moe's unintentional slight. Then Homer just admits his problem: "Oh, what the hell, it's me!"

The other appearance is in the episode "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" when Bart enters a painting exhibition and offers money for some painting just for bothering, and then another man does the same.