Jesus Christ (of Nazareth) is the son of God and Mary.


God told Homer about the time Jesus was on earth and said "I don't know what you people did to Him, but He's never been the same." God then pointed to Jesus, who was sitting on a slightly spinning swing with a look of grief on His face. He seemed traumatized and depressed.[1] When Homer and Bart became Catholic, Marge dreamt of Catholic heaven where everyone was cheering and throwing Jesus in the air. He was in Ned Flanders' vision telling him to kill everyone as Ned hallucinated from toxic fumes.[2] Jesus turned water into a bloody mary drink for Rodney Dangerfield in the super V.I.P. section of heaven. [3]

Behind the Laughter

Jesus Christ is a prominent figure in Christianity. Christians believe that in approximately the year 30 AD he was crucified but resurrected three days later and ascended to heaven.


  • Like God, He too has five fingers on each hand, unlike the rest of the characters in The Simpsons universe who have four.
  • However Jesus is shown with only four fingers on each hand in "Clown in the Dumps" when he appears in the last second before the end credits.