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Jack Marley

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Jack Marley
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Gray
Occupation Former: Nuclear Power Plant worker
Current: Janitor
First Appearance "Marge Gets a Job"
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta
Please don't make me retire. This job is what keeps me alive. I never married and my dog is dead.
―Jack Marley, at his retirement party[src]

Jack Marley is an elderly worker at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


He is forced to retire, even though he resists, insisting he loves his job (It's implied that Mr. Burns had him retire as an excuse for him to have a party). Marge replaced him. He is still seen around Springfield showing that he stayed there after retiring.[1]


Jack with Mr. Burns

After Marge was put on trial for unintentionally shoplifting from the Kwik-E-Mart, Jack appears as the jury's foreman and states the verdict that he and the other jurors reached:Guilty (although it might be just a similar looking character).[2]

He has also been seen working as a janitor on a ship. Following Homer's court martial, as Jack is mopping passed him, he says to him, "I think you're off the hook" and Homer gives his "woo-hoo" cheer.[3]

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Note: Many of his appearances are brief, background roles. Episodes in which he has an actual role are in bold.

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