Jack Lassen was Bart's new teacher in Season 26's Blazed and Confused, whom Bart made a quick enemy of, due to his form of disciplining and sought revenge on.


After being transferred to Springfield Elementary School, Jack encounters Bart and is quickly introduced to his shenanigans. Feeling that the boy is of a need for discipline, Jack punishes Bart on multiple occasions by cutting his hair, humiliating him in front of his classmates and by electrocution. Seeking revenge on his teacher, Bart secretly spies on Jack, eventually discovering an event far out in the desert called Blazing Guy, where Jack has been chosen to execute the main event by burning a large wooden effigy to commemorate the celebration. At the festival, Bart, accompanied by Milhouse, covers the wooden statue with fire retardant substance, ruining Jack's moment and humiliating him in front of a large crowd. Once Jack notices the boys' tampering with the statue, he attempts to kill the two by burning them. Bart climbs up the statue to avoid the lunatic teacher, but fails to escape him. Seeing his son in life-threatening situation, Homer catapults himself towards the two, but quickly loses velocity due to his weight and breaks the statue's foundation. The statue quickly collapses, bringing Jack and Bart to the ground, where Jack gets placed in a human-formed jail.

Back in Springfield Elementary School, Jack gets fired for his actions and later gets employed at the Springfield Penitentiary, where he meets Sideshow Bob. After seeing that both share mutual hatred for Bart, Jack suggest they partner up to kill the boy. Bob initially agrees, but refuses moments later when Jack suggests that they share their proposed kill.


  • Jack Lassen is ambidextrous since Skinner said he's left-handed but when he writes his name in the blackboard, he uses his right hand.
  • Blazing Guy is a parody of Burning Man.



Simp Episode – "Blazed and Confused"