It Never Ends is a soap opera broadcast on Channel 6 in the Eleventh season episode, Pygmoelian. Moe tried out for the starring role when it was first starting, but was rejected for being 'Ugly ugly' and not 'tv ugly'. This is the soap opera that features Moe after receiving plastic surgery. Moe replaces, in this soap opera, the actor who played Doctor Tad Winslow, who was fired after demanding a raise for having "been the Doctor's voice for "twenty-five years - and in the Spanish-American version -"

The show's slogan is "Like the cleaning of a house... it never ends." It's a parody of the slogan of the soap opera Days of Our Lives — "Like sand through the hourglass... these are the days of our lives" — which the show itself also broadly resembles.


In the table below are the actors and their characters as are mentioned in the chapter in its Latin American version.

Actor Character - Gabriela Patch Gabriela Sinparch - Hamilton Alegra
  • Bernardet Sister
  • Roxi Monoxide
- Moe Szyslak Dr. Tad Winslow