Ironfist Burns talking to Bart when he arrives at Camp Deadly.

Ironfist Burns
was a relative of Mr. Burns who ran the summer prison camp, Camp Deadly.

He is Bart's counselor for the camp, and when being introduced to Bart Simpson, he told him that he will live, breathe, and eat Camp Deadly for the two months Bart is going to stay at the camp. He also demands that, should Burns order Bart to jump, Bart ask "how high?" and that Bart also ask "how far?" regarding an order to march, and makes it clear that he intends to do the same to Lisa. He also implies that he'll keep Bart and Lisa at the camp indefinitely if they keep having fun. Afterwards, he places Bart on Team A, and rigs the rules of Capture the flag to ensure that everyone else is pitted against Bart. After two rounds of Capture the flag, Ironfist Burns also listened in on Bart and Lisa's plot to escape Camp Deadly by scaling Mount Deadly by hiding in the bushes. Ironfist Burns then ambushes Lisa at the power plant and holds her hostage while he attacks Bart Simpson when he draws near the power plant. However, Bart managed to outsmart him by turning off the lights, thus allowing himself and Lisa to escape from Ironside Burns. Afterwards, it's presumed that he is out of a job after Bart shut down Camp Deadly's power supply, and thus shut down Camp Deadly for good.

Behind the scenes

Ironside Burns is the main antagonist of "Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly" for the Gameboy. The cover art suggests that Burns' hair is brown, although the game itself doesn't make this clear due to the monochrome nature of the Game Boy.

If the player gets a game over, Ironfist Burns is seen taunting Bart and Lisa in their brig cell with the keys to the cell.