A Tale of Two Springfields
Insane Clown Poppy
Lisa the Tree Hugger

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a parody of the hip hop group Insane Clown Posse (as is Krusty's line to "get down with the clown," which, in Insane Clown Posse culture means, "to be a fan of the Insane Clown Posse.")
  • Krusty's walk through the desert storm is from The French Lieutenant's Woman.
    • In addition, Krusty when doing his USO Comedy Tour was seen holding a golf club, referring to a trademark of real life USO comedian Bob Hope, where he often has a golf club with him on the stage during his sketches, where he always makes a swing whenever his jokes are well-received.
    • When stating that because he saved Saddam Hussein's life, he saved his baseball bit, he then rattles off "Husssein's on First, Ayatollah's on second and..." before being throttled by a very angry Erin, referring to the Costello Brothers' "Who's on First?" comedy routine.
      • In addition, aside from obviously referring to Hussein himself, the other name in the baseball bit was a reference to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Islamic dictator of Iran.
  • Stephen King tells Marge that he's working on a biography of Benjamin Franklin where Franklin uses electricity to "torture small animals and green mountain men." The latter is a reference to the Green Mountain Boys, a militia organization led by Ethan Allen which fought in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Coincidentally, the relationship of Krusty and Sophie reflects on the animated Christmas special, Olive the Other Reindeer because Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Krusty) also voices the postman in the special and Drew Barrymore (the voice of Sophie) also voices the titular character, Olive. Also, the special was created by Matt Groening himself, the creator of the Simpsons, who also did a sound bit as an elf for the special.
  • During the poker game, Homer starts to sing the chorus to the The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Fat Tony then threateningly tells him not to sing it.
  • Fat Tony attempting to find the squealer in the room is a possible reference to the party game "Mafia".


  • When Krusty stops Erin from assassinating Saddam and she retaliates by strangling him, she is mysteriously wearing red shoes. This may not be a goof, but wearing such bright red shoes in the situation, defeats the purpose of having camouflage.
  • When Krusty goes to give Fat Tony Sophie's violin, the case has a sticker on it with her name, but when Krusty and Homer go to steal it back, the case is stickerless. Fat Tony could have torn it off after he takes it.
  • Stephen King somehow knew Marge's name, despite Marge not telling him who she was. She could've told him in a previous book fair.


  • Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Mohr is credited for voicing Christopher Walken. Mohr, during his short stint on SNL in the mid-1990s, was known for his Christopher Walken impression.
  • This is the second episode to feature Lisa's birthday.
  • This episode originally had Homer, instead of Krusty, discovering that he had another daughter.
  • Tom Wolfe appears in this episode in his signature white suit, Wolfe would later appear in season 18 Moe'N'A Lisa.
  • This is the first time a character actually blushes in an episode of the series, the second time being "I'm Goin' to Praiseland" where Ned Flanders blushes in that episode. This is really rare because there were not as much episodes where a character blushes either love struck or feels completely embarrassed.

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