The title of this article is a conjectural. Though the topic is found within The Simpsons universe, a proper name is not available.

The Imaginary Funeral Parlor is a funeral parlor that Bart imagines after being threatened by Nelson. In his imagination, Nelson has killed Bart and he is stationed there. First, Otto visits, commenting on how lifelike he looks; then Principal Skinner comes and says the school nurse spent a long time reconstructing his mangled corpse, before admitting that homework was a waste of Barts time; then Milhouse comes and thanks Bart because he got the day off school to attend his funeral; then Homer, Marge and Maggie come, Homer thanks Bart because he got the day off work, Marge then nudges him and he bursts out in tears, Marge then comforts Bart while holding Maggie; then Lisa comes along and gives Bart the cupcake that started the mess; finally, Nelson comes and steals the cupcake, before punching Bart in the stomach.