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If Ever I Would Leave You is a song from the musical Camelot. It was performed by Ralph in Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays and by Homer and Dr. Hibbert in The Homer of Seville.

Ralph Wiggum version

If ever I leave you, it wouldn't be in summer!

(audience boos)

Homer Simpson version

If ever I would leave you, it wouldn't be in summer

Seeing you in summer, I never would go

Your hair streaked with sunlight, your lips red as flame

Your face with a luster that puts gold to shame

But if I'd ever leave you, how could it be in autumn

How I'd leave in autumn, I never will know I've seen how you sparkle when fall nips the air I know you in autumn and I must be there

And could I leave you running merrily through the snow

Or on a wintry evening when you catch the fire's glow?

If ever I would leave you, how could it be in springtime?

Knowing how in spring I'm bewitched by you so

Oh, no, not in springtime, summer, winter, or fall

No, never could I leave you at all

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