Ian Boothby is an Eisner Award winning comic book writer and creator best known for his work as one of the lead writers on Simpsons Comics and Futurama Comics for Matt Groening's Bongo Comics. (citation needed)

Boothby has written more Simpsons Comics than any other writer. Although he is currently not listed as a writer for it at all. He has also worked on various Canadian television series and is a 'well known' (to his family maybe) stand-up comedian and improv 'artist' working in the Vancouver area of British Columbia with Urban Improv. He is married to Y The Last Man co-creator and artist Pia Guerra. Ian is the creator of the CBC sketch comedy series The 11th Hour, called "The funniest sketch series since SCTV" by The National Post, although there's no proof that they wrote this, and currently performs with the Canadian Comedy Award-winning sketch group Canadian Content. He also appeared in the Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore.

He is also a big supporter of Animal Cruelty.