I Won't Be Home for Christmas
The Man Who Came to Be Dinner

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a reference to the song by Bing Crosby, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and to the song by Blink-182, "I Won't Be Home for Christmas".
  • The opening sequence notes the date difference between a Catholic and an Orthodox Christmas.
  • El Barto's name is graffiti-tagged on a wall during the opening sequence.
  • In the last bit of the couch gag, there is an "obligatory" Frozen reference with Lisa as Elsa, Bart as Kristoff, Marge as Anna, Maggie as one of the trolls, Santa's Little Helper as Sven and Homer as Olaf.
  • Comic Book Guy and Kumiko watch together a Christmas special that parodies Star Wars. Specifically, the special, "Cosmic Wars Christmas Special", as well as CBG and Kumiko's outrage at it, were a reference to the Star Wars Holiday Special as well as its infamous negative reception upon airing.
  • A short parody of A Christmas Carol occurs when Homer addresses Montgomery Burns as Mr. Scrooge. Shortly after, Waylon Smithers reminds Mr. Burns of his appointment with the three ghosts. After getting into an argument with his wife, Homer refers to Patty as Marge's apparition from the future.
  • A clip of The Hon. Henry X. Harper from the 1947 Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street is playing on the television at Moe's Tavern .
  • Homer and Moe sing Silent Night together.
  • Homer notes to Marge that Isaac Newton was born on Christmas.
  • When Homer is kicked out of the house, Marge stamps a Grinch sticker over Homer's picture, which symbolizes his selfishness.
  • Moe sings Good King Wenceslas on a karaoke machine.
  • Stevie Wonder's Someday at Christmas song plays in the background while Homer strolls around the empty streets of Springfield.
  • Skeletons of Prep and Landing are shown between the top and bottom floors in reference to the Christmas special Prep & Landing.
  • At the movie theater a movie called "A beautiful Game ", which is a parody of a A Beautiful Mind ,and a movie title "Grounded, which is a parody of Planes movie.
  • In Comic Book Guy's house there are Marvel comic book characters Thing and a purple version of Hulk bookends.
  • Moe says "Hey. It's the night before Christmas. Stop stirring" ,a similar line from Twas The Night Before Christmas to a rat in his tavern.
  • The opening is very similar to the opening to White Christmas Blues. However, there are some differences.
    • The Rich Texan is riding a Cadillac driven by five bulls instead of Barney riding Santa's sleigh driven by four reindeer and Santa's Little Helper during the title screen.
    • Jimbo and Kearney are cut out and it goes straight to Bart writing "Reindeer meat does not taste like chicken" instead of "I will not call my teacher "Prancer" and "Vixen.""
    • The sign in the nuclear power plant now says "30 days until Greek orthodox Christmas" instead of "93 days till March 28, actual birth of Christ."
    • When Maggie pops out of the box, Gerald still has the "defective" sign on his head and Maggie gives him a present.
    • Lisa now gets a huge pile of snow fall on her instead of a small dropful.
    • Moe now has a snow girlfriend, and Patty and Selma are now versing each other in ice hockey. Annie Dubinsky and Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky are also poltergiests in the Chinese restaurant.
    • Snow Monster is now added to Marge and Maggie's snow journey. Mr. Burns (as the white queen) ends up chasing the Crazy Cat Lady and Horatio McCallister instead. Marge now whips twice instead of once.


  • Bart's hair has seven spikes as an eight year old instead of nine. The last time he was shown as an eight year old was in And Maggie Makes Three and he had nine spikes.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2014.
  • Lisa's line of i'm afraid we've awakened a needy giant is a alteration of the line "I'm afraid we've awakened a sleeping giant", a shorterend version of a quote by Imperial Japanese general Isoroku Yamamoto after the Pearl Harbour bombings of WWII



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