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I Criminali Americani

I Criminali Americani is an Italian book that contains all the criminals of the United States. When Lisa drunk Sideshow Bob's tearing down clothes, his old prisoner clothes come out, then two policemen look in this book, whether it is contained.



  • Family Guy : By presenting the crime "Plagiarismo" under a picture of Peter Griffin is the fact parodies that the show Family Guy has many similarities to The Simpsons and the reaproach of many fans and critics sometimes even stealing ideas from The Simpsons.
  • American Dad : By presenting the crime "Plagiarismo di Plagiarismo" under a picture of Stanley Smith parodies the fact that the series American Dad by many fans and Kritkern is almost called a second, also it was a more poorer quality version of Family Guy.


Simp Episode – "The Italian Bob"