This article is about the character Huell Howser. For the actor and guest star, please see Huell Howser.

Huell Howser is a television personality who first appeared in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?". His last appearance is in the episode "A Test Before Trying," which is dedicated to his voice actor of the same name.


Homer and Lisa once saw the TV show called Under the Wrapper, hosted by Huell Howser. During the show, Howser interviewed a gumdrop manufacturer to learn how gumdrops are made. The manufacturer said that they are made from "succulent" gelatin: the skin, bones and hooves of sick horses. The scene cut and a slaughterhouse, full of neighing horses was seen. Shocked Lisa told Homer to change the channel quickly. However, he accidentally got to 'Creative Arts Emmy Awards' granting show, so he quickly changed the channel back to the slaughterhouse.


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