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Hubert Simpson

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Hubert Simpson
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Parents: Orville Simpson and Yuma Hickman

Brothers: Abraham Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Chet Simpson and Bill Simpson
Sister: Hortense Simpson
Sisters-in-Law: Mona Simpson, Rita LaFleur and Cyrus's 15 wives
Nephews: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell and Frank Simpson
Nieces: Abbie Simpson and Valerie Rothman
Niece-in-Law: Marge Bouvier
Nephew-in-Law: Dave Rothman
Grandfathers: "Old Tut" Simpson and Willard Hickman
Grandmothers: "Happy" Dinsdale and Theodora Hutshing
Great-Nephews: Bart Simpson and Stanley Simpson
Great-Nieces: Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson

First Appearance The Funeral

Hubert Simpson was the oldest of Abe Simpson's brothers. The family comes to the funeral in the Ullman shorts, The Funeral. He slightly resembles both Abe and Homer.

Very little is known about Hubert, though it is likely he was the oldest of Abe's brothers. He hasn't been seen or mentioned since the funeral.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first of many characters who died in The Simpsons.

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