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Howell Huser is a tourist and an undercover TV personality who travels Springfield. Bart and Milhouse took Huser to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where he is beaten up by a monster-sized Blinky (or possibly a man dressed like an "evolved" Blinky). Later, he is then hurt by false gum and eventually humiliated. 3 days later, on TV, Huser names Springfield "The Worst Town Ever" and the crowd starts booing at him and pelting tomatoes at him. A month later, tourists stop coming to Springfield, which led to Mayor Quimby legalizing same-sex marriages.

Behind the Laughter

  • Huser is based on Huell Howser who has produced TV shows at KCET-TV since about 1988. Howser, who was born and raised in Gallatin, Tennessee, was known for his Southern accent, folksy, homespun manner, ingratiating interview style, and awe-struck wonderment at rather mundane places, people, and objects.
  • The character of Howell Huser is one of the few named characters in the series to be voiced by Karl Wiedergott.



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