Treehouse of Horror XIII
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade
Mick Jagger: [to Homer, after he accidentally throws his guitar through Mick's office window] Simpsoooooonnnnnn!

Marge: [to Homer] I had to tell Mr. Burns that you had violent diarrhea.
Homer: Oh, couldn't you come up with a less embarrassing lie?
Marge: But you did have violent diarrhea. [to Bart and Lisa] Nobody open the hallway closet until I say it's okay.
[Bart and Lisa shudder]

Mick Jagger: Cheer up Homer; it's only "Rock 'n Roll" camp.
Homer: But I like it.

Homer: I can't believe they cancelled "Monkey Trauma Center" for this!

Homer: My dream has been shattered into shards of a broken dream!

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