Hot to Trotsky's Ice-Skating Rink is an ice-skating rink located in Springfield's Little Ukraine district.


When Homer was kidnapped by Victor, he was held here under the ice. The henchmen were skating over and around him. Wayne Slater came to rescue Homer, using a T-shirt bazooka with fire to shoot the henchmen. Then he shot The Grumple when he came into the rink with another figure skater. Wayne melted the ice and rescued Homer. After Wayne threw an icicle into Viktor's throat and killed him, Homer dived into the icy water again to escape the violence on the surface world, though he was forced to come out in order to breathe.

Behind the Laughter

  • Hot to Trotsky's Ice-Skating Rink is a pun on the slang term "hot to trot" and a reference to Leon Trotsky, the first leader of the Red Army of Russia.