My Sister, My Sitter
Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
Grade School Confidential
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Cultural references


  • The Prohibition is limited to Springfield. Yet, it never seems to occur to anyone that they could easily go to Shelbyville if they wanted to drink. Of course, Rex Banner's wall, combined with the tendencies of Springfield's residents not to think things out, may have made going to a nearby town difficult. Also, given the fact that Springfield hates Shelbyville, they might not have bothered to go there even for alcohol.
  • While Rex is investigating Moe's "pet shop", the patrons at the bar raise their hidden beer glasses to toast the "best pet shop in town" while Rex has his back turned. However, Eddie and Lou were clearly facing the patrons and were looking at their beer glasses in the frame they raised them. Of course, Eddie and Lou more than likely weren't on board with the whole prohibition law to begin with.
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