$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
Homer the Vigilante
Bart Gets Famous


  • A poster in Flanders' rumpus room reads: Seven days without a drink makes me weak.
  • Pictures of Fat Tony and Ms. Botz (the babysitter bandit) can be seen at Springfield Police Station.
  • A number of Kwik-E-Mart is 4950.
  • There is an "El Barto" graffiti tag on the police station's wall.
  • The items that Molloy stole from the Simpsons were: Lisa's saxophone, Bart's portable TV and stamp collection and Marge's necklace.
  • This is the first episode to air in 1994.



  • The Cat Burglar (Molloy) is shown with bare hands, however, as an experienced burglar, he would wear gloves.
  • When Nelson calls on the phone to harass Bart about his stamp collection, the closed-captions miscredit the line to Milhouse.
  • When everyone is cheering for Ned, Apu's hand is yellow.
  • When Homer is on the news talk-show he puts his hand on his chest and the opening of his shirt appears over the back of his hand.
  • Homer's lips don't move when he says, "No burning leaves without a permit!"
  • Many people gathered in Ned's basement to discuss what to do about the wave of burglaries, however this would have caused their homes to be at an extremely high risk of being targeted/targeted again by The Cat Burglar (Molloy) as a burglar would be more likely to burglarize a house when it is vacant.
  • The Cat Burglar (Molloy) entered the Simpson home via the front door which is in plain view, however burglars will enter a house where they won't be seen such as the back door.
  • Bart's stamp collection and Selma's lock of MacGyver's hair, neither of which are valuable, were stolen by The Cat Burglar (Molloy), however, a burglar will only steal items that are valuable and can easily be sold.

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