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Flaming Moe
Homer the Father
The Blue and the Gray
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Executive Producers Al Jean

James l Brooks

Matt Groening

Sam Simon


Dan Castellaneta

Julie Kavner

Nancy Cartwright

Yeardley Smith

Hank Azaria


Harry Shearer

Special Guest Stars

James Lipton

David Mamet

Michael Paul Chan

Garry Marshall

Music by Alf Clausen

Casting by Bonita Pietilla

Theme by Danny Elfman

Story by Jon Vitti

Ian Maxtone-Graham

Animation Checkers

Sam Im

Mike Smith

Animation Directors

Deb Lacusta

Liam Porston

Story Editor Ross Parktone

Story Artists

Tommy Grachlins

Mike Peters

Randy Flore


Ben Thomson

Ian Garfole

Logan Shich

Taklin Flanderts

Maria Gorine

Loacher Framiqa

Zack Timmy

Max Froner

Animation Directors

Helpone Chacker

Katey Brockerings

CG Operators

Maya Porex

Linerstone Backsineronve

Minechoge Logans

Storyboard Editors

Tage Paine

Timmy Licksterne

Peter Parner

Storyboard Artists

Gregg Stanton

John Bay

Ed Hetrone

the Simpsons episode nabf05 copyright 2011 20th century fox all rights reserved

Creative Consultant Matt Groening

Executive Animation consultant James l Brooks

Gracie Films

in association with

20th century fox television

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