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One of the most famous running gags on the Simpsons is when Homer strangles Bart after shouting "Why you little!".


When ever Bart does something to anger Homer, Homer shouts "Why you little!", grabs Bart by the neck and strangles him.


Season 1

  • In Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, When Bart keeps interrupting the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", Homer says "Why you little...!" and strangles Bart during the end credits of the episode.
  • In Homer's Night Out, When Homer learn Bart took the photo of him [Homer] with the girl, Homer shouts "Why you little...!" to Bart and goes towards him, about to choke him. However Marge angrily says "Why you big...!" to Homer and chokes him and sends Bart to his room! This is perhaps the first time Homer has been the victim of his own strangle act.

Season 2

  • In Simpson and Delilah, after Bart spills Homer's hair juice Homer shouts "Why you little!" then he chases Bart downstairs, trips over a lamp, grabs him and strangles him.
  • In Blood Feud, After Bart mails Mr. Burns a nasty letter, Homer shouts "I'll show you mad in the morning!" at Bart and strangles him. Marge then tells Homer he should be strangling himself. He then does so.

Season 3

  • In Stark Raving Dad, When Homer finds out that his shirts are all pink because Bart put his red hat in with the whites, he yells "You! You did this to me!" and strangles Bart.
  • In Like Father, Like Clown, Homer tells Bart "Boy, you don't have to follow in my footsteps." and Bart says "Don't worry. I don't even like using the bathroom after you." to which Homer says "Why you little!" and strangles Bart.
  • In Radio Bart, Homer shouts "Why You Little!" and strangles Bart for staging a false alien attack report through his new microphone.

Season 4

  • In Lisa's First Word, it is revealed that Homer has been strangling Bart since he was 2 years old. First, when Homer tries to get Bart to call him "Daddy." instead of "Homer." When Bart calls Homer "D'omer!", Homer shouts "Why, you little...!" and chokes Bart. Later When Homer, Marge and Bart move into their new home, Bart says "Hey, Homer, this house sucks!" and Homer says "Bart, I told you not to use that word! Call me Daddy." Bart defiantly says "Homer!" and blows a raspberry at Homer and Homer strangles Bart.
  • In So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show, When Bart admitted to Homer who is in a coma that he shook up the can of beer in the refrigerator, Homer starts to regain consciousness, growls, wakes up and says "Why you little..." and strangles Bart. Lisa and Marge come in to see that Homer is back to normal.

Season 5

Season 6

  • In 'Round Springfield, after Bart's operation, Homer says, "Aw, this is wonderful! You're alive!" and Bart angrily says "No thanks to you, Homer." to which Homer says "Why, you little--" and chokes Bart for a while. At that moment, Julius Hibbert enters and preys them apart.

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

  • In Miracle on Evergreen Terrace, When Bart tells his family that he burned up the Christmas tree and the presents and apologizes for it, Lisa says "Why you little...!" and she runs over to Bart and starts strangling him. Homer comes over and says "Lisa, no. Your hands are too weak" and he starts strangling Bart.

Season 10

Season 11

  • In Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner? When Homer says "They're paying me to eat!" Bart says "Now if we can get someone to pay you for scratching your butt, we'll be on Easy Street." Homer then says ""Why You Little!" and strangles Bart.
  • In Last Tap Dance in Springfield, Homer spots Bart writing I8PP on the eye chart and says "Why You Little!" and strangles him while telling the eye doctor how his vision is.
  • In Behind the Laughter, When Bart says he never said "Cowabunga" in his life and that Homer's script sucks, Homer says "Why you little...!" and strangles Bart, making the crew laugh and for Homer's strangle to be a landmark signature routine. He later strangles again at the end of the episode.

Season 12

  • In A Tale of Two Springfields, Bart tricks Homer intro calling a number with the new area code, giving him the tri-tone, to Homer's displeasure. Homer then strangles Bart with the phone's cord; Bart fights back by hitting Homer's head repeatedly with the receiver until they both end up passing out on the floor.
  • In Lisa the Tree Hugger, Lisa sees what it looks like Homer and Bart embracing from their home, but it actually cuts to a closer view of Homer inside strangling Bart and saying, "You call that saying grace?!".

Season 13

  • In The Parent Rap, after Judge Constance Harm orders Bart and Homer to spend some time tethered together, Homer tries to have sex with Marge while tethered to Bart. Marge says they can't with Bart in the room, much to Homer's dismay. When Bart says "The lady said no.", Homer tells him to shut up. Bart then tells Homer to shut up and uses the tether to make Homer slap himself in the face. Homer then says "Why you-" and then unintentionally uses the tether to make Bart slap himself in the face. The two then use the tether to make each other slap themselves in the face till Homer finally says "Why you little!" and wraps the tether around Bart's neck and strangles him. Bart then uses the free part of the tether to whip Homer's butt.
  • In Brawl in the Family, Lisa calls Bart out for cheating at Monopoly, however Marge claims it an accident. Lisa then accuses Marge of only taking his side just because he bought her a house on St. James Place. Bart then says "Who else is going to take care of her? Dad?" Homer, offended then says "Why, you little!" and throttles Bart. Marge and Lisa then try to pry them apart.
  • In Half-Decent Proposal, Homer says in his video "Don't worry about the kids, I'll drop them off with Patty and Selma." and Bart, who's holding the camera, says (on the tape, but off-camera) "Patty and Selma? Screw that!" and Homer replies "Just run the camera, you little...!" and lunges for Bart, knocking the camera over. The camera reveals Homer strangling Bart.
  • In Blame It on Lisa, Homer asks Bart if he made any pranks calls to Brazil and Bart says he didn't. Homer, not believing Bart, shouts "Choke on your lies!" and grabs Bart by the throat and starts strangling him.
  • In I Am Furious (Yellow), When Homer learns at the power plant that Bart has made an embarrassing cartoon where he [Homer] is the star, he says "Why That Little!" and come home to strangle him. When Homer arrives home, he shouts "DIE MONSTER!" at Bart and strangles him. Marge enters and says "Homer! What are you doing?". Homer says "We're just rehearsing for Angry Dad: The Motion Picture". Bart then says "How would you like to played by John Goodman?" Homer then starts strangling Bart again saying "It's so obvious! It should be Gary Oldman!"

Season 14

  • In Helter Shelter, When the family first appear at "The Reality Channel", the executives are watching them in the testing area and Homer is shown strangling Bart saying "I'll teach you to whistle on the Sabbath!"
  • In Barting Over, the roles are reversed and Bart strangles Homer. After Bart learns that Homer threw away his Baby Stink Breath commercial money, Bart tangles Homer, shouts "You stole my money!", removes Homer's belt off his pants, wraps it around his neck and strangles him with it. This is possibly the first time Bart has strangled Homer. In the same episode, Homer strangles Bart shouting "I paid for your splendor!" after he [Bart] moves to his new house.
  • In Three Gays of the Condo, When Bart says he loves watching Homer and Marge fight and that it's his earliest memory, Homer strangles him , saying "Why you little...!" Bart notice Homer's hands are soft and Homer replies he's been using Lancome.

Season 15

  • In The Fat and the Furriest, When Bart insults Homer on his bravery, Homer shouts "Choke on your candor!" to Bart and strangles him.
  • In Today, I Am a Clown, When the Simpsons learn that Santa's Little Helper has had puppies again, Lisa mentions they had nutriented after that. Homer recalls that he was supposed to have the dog nutriented, but later decided he wouldn't go through with it, provided he never does it again and when that flashback ends, Homer is strangling the dog, shouting "You broke our deal! We had an oral contract!", with the rest of the family trying to pull them apart. Later in the same episode, when Bart says that Homer lost his stranglehold on the audience, Homer says "I'll audience you" and strangles him as Dr. Hibbert and his family watches this happen on T.V. Dr. Hibbert replies by saying "So that's where Bart got all those broken tracheal bones. Tight bow tie, My ass!" This is likely the first time Homer has strangled Bart and another character.
  • In Smart and Smarter, Bart pulls a bathroom prank on Homer to which Homer says "Why you little!" and strangles Bart and the two get in an epic bathroom brawl.
  • In Catch 'Em if You Can, When Bart says "You're never alone in this crap shack," Homer says "Why you little!" punches a hole through the wall of Bart's room and strangles him from the master bedroom.
  • In The Way We Weren't, when Bart drains a bottle of Homer's beer so he, Milhouse Van Houten, Ralph Wiggum, Sherri and Terri and their cousin can play "Spin the bottle.", the beer lands in Homer's mouth. Homer, surprised by this, goes to investage and accidentally kisses Milhouse. He then sees his empty beer bottle and sobs saying "It never got a chance to become my urine." He then looks at Bart and shouts "Why you litte!". And then he strangles Bart.
  • In Fraudcast News, Bart comments about the rock looking like a dude and then comments that Homer looks like a monkey. (Homer is shown humped over like a monkey, scratching and eating a banana). Homer strangles Bart saying "Bart, you promised you'd stop making that comparison! Per...our...agreement."

Season 16

  • In Sleeping with the Enemy, when Homer accuses Bart of cheating on his test, he says "Well, take note of THIS!", grabs Bart and strangles him.
  • In She Used to Be My Girl, Homer is strangling Bart for a unknown reason when Marge stops him, saying they got to get Lisa. Homer tells Bart "We'll we're gone, boy you think about what you did!" Bart then asks "What did I do?" Homer then shurgs and says "Why you Little!" and strangles Bart. Later at the end of the episode, Bart tells Marge that he wants to be like her: the lava part and not saving Lisa, Homer shouts "Pretend to care!" and starts strangling Bart.
  • In Mobile Homer, When Bart and Lisa are driving Homer's R.V., Marge says "Pull over" and Bart says "First raise my allowance", Homer says "Why you little..!" and strangles him from the R.V. while Marge is driving the family car.
  • The gag happens in Future-Drama in a very unique way: Homer strangles someone but he doesn't strangle Bart, and Bart gets strangled by someone but not by Homer. In the future, Teenage Lisa strangles Teenage Bart after finding out he took the Yale scholarship shouting "You've wrecked my life!". While watching this in the present, Present Lisa also strangles Present Bart shouting "You're gonna wreck my life!". Later in the same episode, After Future Homer learns that Future Krusty the Clown is Future Marge's new beau, Future Homer strangles Future Krusty while Future Krusty strangles him back.

Season 17

  • In Milhouse of Sand and Fog, when Bart confess to Homer that he [Bart] planted Marge's bra in Milhouse's parents' bed, Homer shouts "Why you little-!" and strangles Bart.
  • In See Homer Run, Kent Brockman holds a photo of Homer strangling Bart.
  • In The Italian Bob, Bart says to Marge "Why don't you encourage him [Homer] to get us some health insurance?" to which Homer responds "Why you little-!" and strangles Bart. Bart then pulls a lever, and a robotic arm holding a car part begins to hit Homer on his head. They eventually pass out.
  • In The Wettest Stories Ever Told, in the "Mayflower" story, Homer starts crying because Marge is going to marry Moe Szyslak and Bart says "Well, I'm sure the way to win her heart is to be fat and crying". Homer says "Why thee little"... and starts strangling Bart with everyone watching them. Marge says "Oh, don't stop. You're choking him the way his father used to."
  • In Regarding Margie, When an amnesiac Marge wonders what home that her and her family lives at, Bart says "Oh, it's great. Like somebody barfed on a two-story pile of puke." Homer says "Why you little..!" and strangles him. Marge is shocked that Homer did that and says that Bart is okay with it. Bart says it hurts when he swallows and Homer says "Why you little..!" and strangles him again.

Season 18

  • In Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!, When Bart tricks Lisa into touching his new pet python Strangles who is slimy, Homer says "Why you little..!" and chokes Bart. but then the python wraps itself around Homer and starts choking Homer until he turns red and falls on the dining room floor. Homer says "I'm okay."
  • In The Wife Aquatic, When Homer and Bart are lost at sea, Homer asks "Do you think your mother will ever remarry?" Bart comments "In about two seconds." Homer then says "Why you little...!" and strangles Bart while they are in the sea water.

Season 19

Season 20

  • In Double, Double, Boy in Trouble, Bart who is disguised as Simon Woosterfield (his look-a-like double), watches Homer from a limousine strangling Simon (who is disguised as Bart) saying "You ruin everything" after Bart created a disaster at Lenny's party.
  • In No Loan Again, Naturally, When Bart jumps out of the closet dressed like a ghost, he says "Ooooh. I died when Homer sat me." Homer then says "Why you Little!" and strangles him. While he does, he says "I'm the victim here!"
  • In Wedding for Disaster, When Lisa says that Homer and Marge's re-marriage will be romantic that they can pretend they're newlyweds, Bart says "Yeah, instead of exhausted zombies running down the clock," Homer strangles Bart and says "Why you little bastard!" For once, Homer finishes saying the last word in over 20 years.
  • In Father Knows Worst, When Bart tricks Homer into drinking lighter fluid, instead of water. When Homer realizes what Bart did, he starts breathing fire as he says, "!". As he strangles Bart, he says, "Burn, Barty, Burn!", breathing fire at Bart's head.

Season 21

  • In Stealing First Base, When Homer sees Seymour Skinner on stage dressed like Bart, he says "We finally caught one of Bart's school plays." Marge tells Homer "That's not Bart. It's Principal Skinner. Bart's sitting right next to you." Homer looks and sees Bart beside him then looks back at Skinner, saying "Yeah, now that I look closer, that guy couldn't fool anybody." Skinner then says to Homer "Shut up, fatso." Homer then shouts "Why, you little...!" and rushes onto the stage and strangles Skinner.
  • In The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed, When Bart shows Homer a prayer on a paper saying "Dear Lord, Don't let Marge find out the hotel leaves chocolates on the pillows at night. Love Homer", Homer says "Why you little...!" and strangles Bart. Bart writes something on the paper and Homer releases him and reads what Bart wrote "Give my dad another heart attack?!" Homer then strangles him some more.

Season 22

  • In Treehouse of Horror XXI, When Bart carves holes in Homer's pants with a pumpkin-like smile on them, Homer says "Why you little...!" and strangles Bart.
  • In Donnie Fatso, when Homer says that he'll be out of the federal penitentiary in 18 months for good behavior, Bart says "We're Simpsons, Dad. We don't do good behavior," Homer yells "Don't tell me I'm not capable of good behavior." he starts strangling Bart, but he asks the judge he would request for a sidebar and starts chasing Bart with a sidebar.
  • In Homer the Father, When Bart tells Homer "You're the worst dad whoever lived! I'd rather take my chances in a hot car than go in a store with you!" Homer says "Why you little..!" and strangles him.
  • In Angry Dad: The Movie, When Homer says Bart is his little Roman Polanski and Marge whispers something to Homer in his ear about Roman Polanski, Homer says "He what?" then he strangles Bart saying "You monster!"
  • In Love Is a Many Strangled Thing, since this episode is about Homer's strangling, Homer has a flashback strangling his dad as a kid when Grandma says "Look at theses grades! They're a disgrace! No T.V. for a week!" Little Homer says "Why you little.." and strangles his dad. The next scene has Dr. Zander bringing in Kareem-Abdul Jabbar saying "Why you little!" and strangling Homer where Kareem wears a Homer toupee and Homer wears a Bart toupee. Then a montage of Kareem strangling Homer is shown. A second basketball player (an animated version of Shaquille O' Neal) takes Kareem's turn for strangling Homer. At the climax, Dr. Zander says "Why you little!" and strangles Bart when he doesn't cut Homer down. This is the second time where Homer strangles somebody but not Bart and where Bart is strangled by somebody who is not Homer.

Season 23

  • In Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson, When Homer finds out that the whole family tricked him with a leaflet with a James Madison look-a-like to teach him a lesson and Bart says he did it to mess with his mind, Homer strangles him and says "That's what a play within a play is for!"
  • In At Long Last Leave, Homer strangles Bart at the end of the couch gag.
  • In Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart, after Bart's birthday gift for Marge ruins Homer's birthday gift for her, Homer shouts "Why you little!" at Bart and gets ready to strangle Bart but decides not to. Later in the episode, after Homer learns that Bart has been making graffiti of him [homer] around town, Homer says "Why you little!" at Bart and strangles Bart.
  • In How I Wet Your Mother, Bart insults Homer's socks, Homer says "Why you little! I'll teach you to make fun of my socks!" and strangles Bart. Later in the same episode, when Bart insults Homer in the dream theater, Homer says "Why you little!" and uses Bart's seat to strangle him.
  • In A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again, Homer shouts at Bart "Choke on my numb blue hands!" and tries to strangle Bart with cold hands and fails.

Season 24

  • At the end of Changing of the Guardian, When Homer says that him and Marge are gonna concentrate on living, Bart says "If you call this living", Homer lunges at Bart says "Why you little...! I do call this living! Living the way kids in India can only dream of!" and strangles him.
  • In Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing, When Homer says "I'm so much older and wiser" Bart says "More like balder and wider", Homer says "Why you little...! I'll teach you to say something that's not similar." and chokes Bart as Milhouse watches them through his glasses.
  • At the end of Hardly Kirk-ing, When Homer says "Son, promise you will never look like me," Bart replies "I sure hope not". Homer strangles Bart saying "Why you little...That's not a heartwarming thing to end on!"

Season 25

  • In What to Expect When Bart's Expecting After Homer learns Bart's baby scheme, he says "Why, you little! I'll teach you to answer peoples' prayers!" and strangles Bart. He also strangles Bart in the episode's couch gag.

Season 26

  • In Clown in the Dumps, When Krusty asks Bart if talking to his dad makes him feel better, Bart says "Well, no, but he's not a rabbi. More of a flabby." and Homer replies "Why, you little! I'll show you who's a flabby!" and instead of strangling Bart, he rolls Bart's face on his stomach.
  • In Simpsorama, Homer picks apart some Bart creature while saying "Why You Little!". Suddenly he comes to the real Bart and Bart says "Dad! It's me!" and Homer says "Prove it! When's your birthday?" Bart responds "February 23rd." Homer then says "Ha! February has no 23rd!" and strangles Bart. Marge then pries them apart saying "Yes it Does!"
  • In The Kids Are All Fight, Homer strangles a 6-year Bart in slow-motion, after shouting "Why you little!"

Season 27

  • In How Lisa Got Her Marge Back, Bart cuts Maggie's hair to look like his for a prank on Homer. When the prank goes off, Homer sees Maggie, who looks like Bart, shouts "Why you little!" and prepares to strangle her. Bart then jumps and says "Dad! No! You're going to strangle the baby!" Homer, horrified then grabs Bart and strangles him saying "Why you little! Turning a sweet little baby into a you!"

Season 28

Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover

  • In The Simpsons Guy, the 2014 Family Guy episode where the Griffins travel to Spirngfield meet the Simpsons, Homer strangles Peter Griffin till Peter breaks lose of Homer's grip and says "What the Hell? That really hurts!" and Homer then says "No It doesn't! I do it to my son all the time!", Which to Peter replies "You strangle your son? That's insane! No wonder he's fat and stupid and masturbates all the time.", leading to Homer saying, "That's YOUR son!", showing that Peter is disgusted that Homer often strangles Bart even though he [Peter] farts on HIS oldest child's head.

The Simpsons Movie

  • Homer strangles Bart twice in The Simpsons Movie. First when Homer is hammering in a nail, he hits his eye with the hammer making Bart laugh. Homer then says "Why, you little! I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny!" and strangles Bart.
  • Later when Bart reveals to Homer that he defaced Homer to look like Ned Flanders, Homer says "Why you little! I'll strangle-angle you!" and strangles Bart while he waves the picture in his face.


  • Homer sometimes uses the gag on other people.


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