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One of the most famous running gags on the Simpsons is when Homer strangles Bart after shouting "Why you little!".


When ever Bart does something to anger Homer, Homer shouts "Why you little!", grabs Bart by the neck and strangles him.


Season 1Edit

  • In Homer's Night Out, When Homer learn Bart took the photo of him [Homer] with the girl, Homer shouts "Why you little...!" to Bart and goes towards him, about to choke him. However Marge angrily says "Why you big...!" to Homer and chokes him and sends Bart to his room! This is perhaps the first time Homer has been the victim of his own strangle act.

Season 2Edit

  • In Blood Feud, After Bart mails Mr. Burns a nasty letter, Homer shouts "I'll show you mad in the morning!" at Bart and strangles him. Marge then tells Homer he should be strangling himself. He then does so.

Season 3Edit

  • In Like Father, Like Clown, Homer tells Bart "Boy, you don't have to follow in my footsteps." and Bart says "Don't worry. I don't even like using the bathroom after you." to which Homer says "Why you little!" and strangles Bart.
  • In Radio Bart, Homer shouts "Why You Little!" at Bart and strangles him for staging a false alien attack report through his new microphone.

Season 4Edit

  • In Lisa's First Word, it is revealed that Homer has been strangling Bart since he was 2 years old. First, when Homer tries to get Bart to call him "Daddy." instead of "Homer." When Bart calls Homer "D'omer!", Homer shouts "Why, you little...!" and chokes Bart. Later When Homer, Marge and Bart move into their new home, Bart says "Hey, Homer, this house sucks!" and Homer says "Bart, I told you not to use that word! Call me Daddy." Bart defiantly says "Homer!" and blows a raspberry at Homer and Homer strangles Bart.

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

  • In 'Round Springfield, after Bart's operation, Homer says, "Aw, this is wonderful! You're alive!" and Bart angrily says "No thanks to you, Homer." to which Homer says "Why, you little--" and chokes Bart for a while. At that moment, Dr. Hibbert enters and preys them apart.

Season 7Edit

  • In Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily, Homer strangles Cletus, however instead on "Why you little!" Homer says "Why, you COTTON PICKIN!"
  • In Mother Simpson, when Bart demands Mona give him $22,000, Homer shouts "I'll Kwanzaa you!" and strangles Bart.
  • In Homer the Smithers, during Homer's fight with Smithers, they strangle with each other.

Season 8Edit

Season 9Edit

Season 10Edit

Season 11Edit

Season 12Edit

Season 13Edit

  • In The Parent Rap, after Judge Constance Harm orders Bart and Homer to spend some time tethered together, Homer tries to have sex with Marge while tethered to Bart. Marge says they can't with Bart in the room, much to Homer's dismay. When Bart butts in, Homer tells him to shut up. Bart then tells Homer to shut up and uses the tether to make Homer slap himself in the face. Homer then says "Why you-" and then unintentionally uses the tether to make Bart slap himself in the face. The two then use the tether to make each other slap themselves in the face till Homer finally says "Why you little!" and wraps the tether around Bart's neck and strangles him. Bart then uses the free part of the tether to whip Homer's butt.
  • In Half-Decent Proposal, Homer says in his video "Don't worry about the kids, I'll drop them off with Patty and Selma." and Bart, who's holding the camera, says (on the tape, but off-camera) "Patty and Selma? Screw that!" and Homer replies "Just run the camera, you little...!" and lunges for Bart, knocking the camera over. The camera reveals Homer strangling Bart.
  • In Blame It on Lisa, when Homer asks Bart if he made any pranks calls to Brazil and Bart says he didn't. Homer, not believing Bart, shouts "CHOKE ON YOUR LIES!" and grabs Bart by the throat and starts strangling him.
  • In I Am Furious (Yellow), when Homer learns at the power plant that Bart has made an embarrassing cartoon where he [Homer] is the star, he says "WHY THAT LITTLE!" and run home to strangle him. When Homer arrives home, he shouts "DIE MONSTER!" at Bart and strangles him. Marge enters and says "Homer! What are you doing?". Homer says "We're just rehearsing for Angry Dad: The Motion Picture". Bart then says "How would you like to played by John Goodman?" Homer then starts strangling Bart again saying "It should be Gary Oldman!"

Season 14Edit

  • In Barting Over the roles are reversed and Bart strangles Homer. After Bart learns that Homer threw away his Baby Stink Breath commercial money, Bart removes Homer's belt off his pants and warps it around his neck and strangles him. This is possibly the first time Bart has strangled Homer. In the same episode, Homer strangles Bart after he [Bart] moves to his new house.

Season 15Edit

  • In The Fat and the Furriest, Homer shouts "CHOKE ON YOUR CANDOR!!" to Bart and strangles him.
  • In Smart and Smarter, Bart pulls a bathroom on Homer to which Homer says "Why you little!" and strangles Bart and the two an epic bathroom brawl.

Season 16Edit

  • The gag happens in Future-Drama in a very unique way: Homer strangles someone but he doesn't strangle Bart, and Bart gets strangled by someone but not by Homer. In the future, After Future Homer learns that Future Krusty the Clown is Future Marge's new beau, Future Homer strangles Future Krusty. Later in the same episode, Teenage Lisa strangles Teenage Bart after finding out he took the Yale scholarship shouting "You've wrecked my life!". While watching this in the present, Present Lisa also strangles Present Bart shouting "You're gonna wreck my life!".

Season 17Edit

  • In The Italian Bob, Bart says to Marge "Why don't you encourage him [Homer] to get us some health insurance?" to which Homer responds "Why you little-!" and strangles Bart. Bart then pulls a lever, and a robotic arm holding a car part begins to hit Homer on his head. They eventually pass out.

Season 18Edit

Season 19Edit

Season 20Edit

  • In No Loan Again, Naturally, When Bart jumps out of the closet dressed like a ghost, he says "Ooooh. I died when Homer sat me." causing Homer to say "Why you Little!" and strangle him.
  • In Father Knows Worst, when Bart tricks Homer into drinking lighter fluid, instead of water. When Homer realizes what Bart did, he starts breathing fire as he says, "Why you little". As he strangles Bart, he says, "burn Barty burn".

Season 21Edit

  • In Stealing First Base, when Homer sees Skinner on stage dressed like Bart, Skinner says to Homer "Shut up, fatso." Homer then shouts "Why, you little...!" and rushes onto the stage and strangles Skinner.

Season 22Edit

Season 23Edit

  • In At Long Last Leave, Homer strangles Bart at the end of the couch gag.
  • In Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart, after Bart's birthday gift for Marge ruins Homer's birthday gift for her, Homer shouts "Why you little!" at Bart and gets ready to strangle Bart but decides not to. Later in the episode, after Homer learns that Bart has been making graffiti of him [homer] around town, Homer says "Why you little!" at Bart and strangles Bart.
  • In How I Wet Your Mother, Bart insults Homer's socks, Homer says "Why you little! I'll teach you to make fun of my socks!" and strangles Bart. Later in the same episode, when Bart insults Homer in the dream theater, Homer uses Bart's seat to strangle him.
  • In A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again, Homer shouts at Bart "Choke on my numb blue hands!" and tries to strangle Bart with cold hands and fails.

Season 24Edit

Season 25Edit

  • In What to Expect When Bart's Expecting After Homer learns Bart's baby scheme, he says "Why, you little! I'll teach you to answer peoples' prayers!" and strangles Bart. He also strangles Bart in the episode's couch gag.

Season 26Edit

  • In Clown in the Dumps, when Krusty asks Bart if talking to his dad makes him feel better, Bart says "Well, no, but he's not a rabbi. More of a flabby." and Homer replies "Why, you little! I'll show you who's a flabby!" and instead of strangling Bart, he rolls Bart's face on his stomach.
  • In Simpsorama, Homer picks apart some Bart creature while saying "Why You Little!". Suddenly he comes to the real Bart and Bart says "Dad! It's me!" and Homer says "Prove it! When's your birthday?" Bart responds "February 23rd." Homer then says "February has no 23rd!" and strangles Bart. Marge then pries them apart saying "Yes it Does!"
  • In The Kids Are All Fight, Homer strangles a 6-year Bart in slow-motion.

Season 27Edit

Simpsons/Family Guy CrossoverEdit

  • In The Simpsons Guy, the Family Guy episode where the Griffins meet the Simpsons, Homer strangles Peter Griffin till Peter breaks lose of Homer's grip and says "What the Hell? That really hurts!" and Homer then says "No It doesn't! I do it to my son all the time!", Which to Peter replies "You strangle your son? That's insane!" showing that Peter is disgusted that Homer often strangles Bart even though he [Peter] farts on HIS oldest child's head.

The Simpsons MovieEdit

  • Homer strangles Bart twice in The Simpsons Movie. First when Homer is hammering in a nail, he hits his eye with the hammer making Bart laugh. Homer then say "Why, you little! I'll teach you to laugh at something funny!" and strangles Bart.
  • Later when Bart reveals to Homer that he defaced Homer to look like Flanders, Homer says "Why you little! I'll strangle-angle you!" and strangles Bart while he waves the picture in his face.


  • Homer sometimes uses the gag on other people.


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