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Lisa Gets an "A"
Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
Mayored to the Mob
Bart: This ghost town is gonna be great. Now with 30% more gunfights!
Marge: And 40% more root'n toot'n!

Homer: (looking at his watch) Two hours? Why'd they build this ghost town so far away?
Lisa: Because they discovered gold right over there.
Homer: It's because they're stupid, that's why. That's why everybody does everything.

Marge: (to Homer) What is it with you and robots?

Grampa: Ah, can't get a good sasparilla like this back in Springfield. It angries up the blood.
Bartender: Heh, you like it, huh?
Grampa: Up yours!!

Grampa: Can I go to the bathroom before we leave?
Homer: Oh, we've got to get home! I don't want to miss "Inside the Actor's Studio!" Tonight, it's F. Murray Abraham!
Grampa: But I really need to ...
Homer: F ... MURRAY ... ABRAHAM!

Homer: Come on, Doc, there's gotta be something I can do to help my dad!
Dr. Hibbert: Well, you could give him a kidney.
Homer: A kidney? OK, fine.
Dr. Hibbert: You see, the waiting list for a kidney is very long, and...
Homer: I said fine! What is it about the word "sure" you don't understand?

Dr. Hibbert: (after Homer escapes from the hospital) We've gotta get rid of that window.

Lisa: I can't imagine Dad running away like this, leaving his father to die...
Bart: Even I wouldn't do that, and I'm America's bad boy.

Marge: Aren't you going to give him the last rites?
Reverend Lovejoy: That's Catholic, Marge. You might as well ask me to do a voodoo dance.
Lisa Gets an "A"
Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
Mayored to the Mob
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