Deep Space Homer
Homer Loves Flanders
Bart Gets an Elephant

Goofs Edit

  • Homer's car is green in this episode, rather than the usual pink.
  • There is a hedge around the Flanders' yard in this episode, instead of a fence.
  • The Simpsons' carpet is pink in this episode.
  • Marge's necklace is white when Homer throws their wedding photo in the trash and she enters the room, but turns back to its normal red color when she picks it up.
  • The person at the front of the ticket queue (presumably a scalper), bought 30,000 tickets but there would be a limit to how many tickets one person could purchase.
  • Maude says that Rod and Todd aren't allowed sugar however if you don't eat enough sugar you will get Hypoglycaemia, which can cause death.
  • Ned gets disturbed by Homer breathing through his nose during prayer and Ned shouts "BREATH THROUGH YOUR DAMN MOUTH!!!" at him, but in the Season 8 episode "Hurricane Neddy", Ned mentions to the Lord that he doesn't swear.

Citations Edit

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day: When Homer chases the Flanders as they try to escape in their car, he holds the golf clubs the same way as the T-1000 had shaped its arms. This then leads to Homer using the clubs to grab a hold of the car in the same manner as the T-1000. The scene where Homer walks through the hedges is also similar to the scene where the T-1000 walks through a barred door.
  • Vertigo: The scene where Flanders is walking up the square staircase is a reference to the bell tower from the Hitchcock film Vertigo.
  • 1966 University of Texas Shooting: When Flanders, during a dream sequence, begins to shoot citizens at random from the vantage point of a clock tower, he is mirroring the 1966 actions of real life mass shooter Charles Whitman.
    • The Deadly Tower: It was also based on the events of the film The Deadly Tower, which was itself based on the event listed above.


  • When Homer changes the radio station, "I've Got Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money plays, so naturally, Homer sings along and copies the guitar riff.
  • While driving in his car, Homer is listening to Bobby McFerrin latest song entitled "I'm Worried (Need Money)" a spoof of McFerrin's late 1980s one-hit wonder, "Don't Worry (Be Happy)."
  • The scene were Homer enters the bush to leave Ned's garage became a popular internet meme, often retouched to show Homer wearing the colors of one team, then reemerging wearing the colors of another.

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