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To Cur, with Love
Homer Goes to Prep School
A Test Before Trying
Homer: Is this a kid you'd pay ransom for?
Bart: Dad, what would you do if you got my ear in the mail?
Homer: I don't know. Feed it to the dog?
Bart: You'd have to wrap cheese around it.
Homer: Don't you tell me how to feed you to the dog!

Marge: Keep an eye on the kids, Homer.
Homer: Can I keep an eye on that kid?
(The camera turns to the kid who is juggling.)
Homer: He's fabulous.
Marge: Bart and Lisa.
Homer: Oh! It's always my kids.

Homer: Oh, it's hopeless!
Lisa: What's hopeless?
Homer: Who the hell are you?

Lenny: An E.M.P.?!
Carl: You know what that means!
Lenny: Hand scissors.

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