From The Simpsons Library of Wisdom's The Homer Book.


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1. Donuts.

2. Donut holes.

3. Hot CHEESY-CRUST PIZZA, the Food of Kings!

4. "Big Ape Week" on Million Dollar Movie.

5. Four beautiful little words: "ALL-U-CAN EAT"

6. The lovely golden hue of sweet, sweet beer.

7. The halucinogenic burn of a really fine chili.


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8. Snuggling with Marge.

9. Beating the point spread.

10. Beating the middle-aged spread.

11. My patented, space age, out-of-this-world MOON WAFFLES!

12. Sleeping.

13. Napping.

14. Snoozing.

15. Lunch breaks with extra lunch in them.

16. The ovulicious flavor of fertility drugs.

17. "THE HOMER" - the car I designed for myself.

18. Bacon and its savory by-product bacon fat.

19. Remembering Maggie's name on the first try.

20. The sound of pudding.

21. The wild bong-rattling fury of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.

22. The bewitching variety of deli meals in a giant hoagie!

23. Can't-fail get-rich-quick schemes.

24. The gentle hypnotic swing of a hammock.

25. TELEVISION: teacher, mother, secret lover!

26. The sweet sound of Lisa's saxophone stopping.

27. The finest twelve and a half minutes of the day - HAPPY HOUR AT MOE'S TAVERN!

28. The cold side of the pillow.

29. The extra notches on my belt.

30. Any candy bar with the word "RAGEOUS" on the label.

31. The eerie peace you experience just before passing out!

32. The warmth and comfort of fresh underpants.

33. The crumbs at the bottom of the toaster.

34. Loving the family you're stuck with.

35. Greasy Joe's Bottomless Bar-B-Q Pit.


37. Those little drinky birds that bob up and down.

38. Free mayonnaise packets at fast food restaurants.

39. The dank, musty beauty that is the bowling alley.

40. My top-of-the-line deluxe gas grill. (The one that says "Ned Flanders" on it.)