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From 'The Homer Book'.

1. Mr. Burns' top-secret closed-circuit spying device.

2. Vent for dispersal of toxic gas.

3. Toxic gas.

4. Safety monitoring equipment.

5. Bewildering screens.

6. Freedom.

7. Distracting dials.

8. Confusing switches.

9. Perplexing buttons.

10. Mesmerizing gages.

11. Motivational device.

12. Donut.

13. Donut crumbs.

14. Coffee stains.

15. Candy wrappers.

16. Safety rules.

17. Coffee mug

18. Caffeinated sludge.

19. Warning light.

20. Access to break room.

21. Inscrutable symbol.

22. Vital safety device.

23. Uranium-enriched upholstery.

24. Butt groove.

25. Console chair with squeaky wheel. ("Nothing a little donut grease can't fix!")

26. Sleep station.

27. Emergency communication device with vital info.

28. Motivational poster.

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