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  • When Homer reverses into Frank Grimes' car, there is a sign showing the parking space is reserved for Frank Grimes. Next to it is a sign that says 'Reserved for LENNY', which omits his surname.
  • This is one of Matt Groening's favorite episodes.
  • Hank Azaria based the voice of Frank Grimes partially on William H. Macy, who would guest star as himself in "Homer's Paternity Coot".
  • Frank Grimes states that Homer has the intelligence of a six year old.
  • This is also the highest rated episode of the series.
  • This is one of the few times at all that Homer actually was pleased about his Grammy (most of the time, he talks badly about the Grammys, such as in "The Mansion Family").
  • This is the highest rated Simpsons episode on IMDB, getting a 9.3/10.


  • Lenny and Carl have master's degrees, but Homer's degree, which he earned in "Homer Goes to College", is not mentioned; Homer did not complete a degree because Mr. Burns just had him take Nuclear Physics 101 to comply with the inspectors' requirement that Homer have college-level training in nuclear physics.
  • Homer shows Grimes his pictures and his Grammy, which reference numerous previous episodes:


  • A police auction would never let a piece of property go for one dollar. Realistically, the minimum bid would be much higher. Springfielders are not known for their intelligence.
  • Bart removes two of the three safety signs on the staircase in the factory. Then, the third one vanishes on its own.
  • Marge says that she has five lobsters for the dinner with Frank Grimes. She should only need four, because Maggie is a baby and Lisa is a vegetarian. It is possible that Homer was planning on eating two lobsters, or that Abe was invited but did not show up.
  • When Bart arrives at the factory after it falls over, Milhouse appears to be bald.
  • At one point, Sarah Wiggum is seen in the audience at the power plant model contest. Unusually, she is not wearing lipstick.
  • In a far shot of the audience at the power plant model contest, the lenses of Charlie's glasses are white instead of aqua.
  • Frank Grimes claims that Homer has never been fired from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, he was fired in "Homer's Odyssey" (for crashing his tram into a stack of barrels) and "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" (when the German workers were laying off poor-performing workers -- with Homer being the only one on the list). Grimes was referring to the time in which he was a safety inspector, and in "Homer's Odyssey", he got fired before becoming a safety inspector. Plus, neither of those moments involved a meltdown or accident, which is what Grimes was pointing out.
  • Grimes says "D'oh" when imitating Homer. Homer never said "D'oh" in Grimes' presence. It is possible that Homer said "D'oh" in Grimes' presence off-screen.
  • During Frank Grimes' funeral, the Simpsons move from the second row of seats to the front row.
  • The poster for the Children's Design Your Own Power Plant Contest is behind Homer when he is in the break room. Later, Frank takes the poster and erase proof of it being for children. If it was behind Homer when he was in the break room, wouldn't he have not seen it and realize it was the actual poster without the evidence of it being for children? Homer's not very bright most of the time.
  • At the contest, Chief Wiggum is heard but not seen. Even if he was, he would be sitting next to his wife Sarah, who is seen in the audience.
  • Frank receives his diploma in front of a home, but he lives in a single room on top of a bowling alley and below another. He may have lived somewhere else beforehand, possibly renting a house/room.

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