Home of Tomorrow is one of the locations of the EFCOT Center. It appeared only in the episode Special Edna. It exhibits how a home may look like in the future.

After the ride of Enron's Ride of Broken Dreams, Marge and Lisa can be seen going into the House of Tomorrow. The camera pans on the only seen exhibit of this location; the Bedroom of Tomorrow where a robot mother and son can be seen. Marge and Lisa walk to this exhibit only to notice that Principal Skinner was sleeping in it, as questioned by Lisa at first. The robot mother tells her son to "rise and shine" or else the son would be late for the rocket to the moon, instead of a school bus to school. Principal Skinner can be seen coming out of the bed tired who claims, "He's never going to get there. He's got no legs."

Afterwards, Marge questions Principal Skinner what he is doing in the House of Tomorrow. He states that ever since Mrs. Krabappel dumped him, he wandered around the park the entire night and that it's educational and offers mild thrills.