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Three of the members of the team

The Home Wreckers were a bowling team consisting of four people who have attempted to seduce Homer and Marge on various occasions.


They once lost to Homer's team Pin Pals.


Member Information

  • Jacques - Attempted to seduce Marge while he was giving her bowling lessons. [1]
  • Princess Kashmir - Danced with Homer when he was attending a bachelor party for one of his co-workers, which got him in trouble with Marge. [2]
  • Lurleen Lumpkin - When Homer was managing her country music career, she flirted with Homer both openly and in her song lyrics, annoying Marge. Homer, however, was oblivious until she made a blatant pass at him. He then quit as her manager, selling her contract. [3]
  • Mindy Simmons - Homer was very attracted to her when she was hired at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. When the two of them were sent on a business trip to attend an energy convention, Homer was tempted to have an affair with her, but chose to stay faithful to Marge. She was the only member who hadn't actually tried to seduce anyone.[4]