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The immediate Hernandez Family consists of four members: Anna Maria Hernandez, her half-sister Pepita Hernandez, her father Sancho Hernandez, and her stepmother Cornelia Hernandez.

Extended Family Members

Other members include David Bernstein, Levi Bernstein, Saul Bernstein, Murray Bernstein, Moshe Bernstein, Romeo Bernstein, Michael D'Amico and Marion Anthony D'AmicoCornelia Hernandez got married with Sancho Hernandez and had one kid, Pepita Hernandez, Pepita Hernandez has one half-sister, Anna Maria Hernandez. Anna Maria Hernandez got married with Marion Anthony D'Amico and had one kid, Michael D'Amico. Michael D'Amico has five cousins: David Bernstein, Levi Bernstein, Saul Bernstein, Murray Bernstein, Moshe Bernstein.

Family Member Gallery

Family Tree

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