"Happy Birthday, Mr. Burns" is a somewhat inappropriate punk rock version of "Happy Birthday to You" performed by The Ramones in the episode "Rosebud". It was written by Mildred Hill and Patty Smith Hill. It is the thirteenth track on the album Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons.


Here are several fine young men who I'm sure are gonna go far. Ladies and gentlemen, the Ramones.
(audience applauds)
Mr. Burns:
My, these minstrels will soothe my jangled nerves.
Joey Ramone:
I'd just like to say this gig sucks!
Johnny Ramone:
Hey, up yours, Springfield!
Joey Ramone:
One two three four!
The Ramones:
Happy birthday to you! (Happy birthday!)
Happy birthday TO YOU!! (Happy birthday!)
Happy birthday, Burnsie!
Happy birthday TO YOU!!!
(audience applauds)
C. J. Ramone:
Go to Hell, you old bastard!
(the curtains close)
Marky Ramone:
Hey, I think they liked us.
Mr. Burns:
Have the Rolling Stones killed.
Uh, sir, those aren't—
Mr. Burns:
Do as I say!