Hanuman is a god of Hinduism. He is a monkey who mistook the sun for a giant mango. He briefly appeared at the end of the episode Sky Police.


In the episode Sky Police, Reverend Lovejoy called Apu a "heathen". Apu told him that comments like that are offensive to Hanuman and then explained the story of him mistaking the sun for a mango, only to then admit he was right.

Later in the episode, The Simpsons were watching the sunset by the rebuilt church. Marge asked Homer if he still believed God existed. Upon answering that he did, Hanuman randomly jumped up in front of him and ate the setting sun as though it were a mango and then gave Homer a thumbs up.


Hanuman is a anthropomorphic monkey in the form of a giant, godlike figure. He is a tall, builded monkey with a lighted shade of burnt orange fur and lush, brown hair. His hair is long and wavy and reaches behind his shoulders. He also has eyebrows with rounded edges of the same color. He wears a giant, golden crown that's round and has a pointed top. There are many tiny plates along the round edges of his crown that have a bunch of colored gems on them in colors such as green, red, purple, orange, and dim gray. The front of his crown has a big light blue pearl on it. He wears a golden choker with an emerald gemmed tag on it and a light blue pearl necklace, made by lighter colored pearls as the one in the front of his crown. He has many bracelets with round gems of colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, and gold. He also has a dark green skirt with a golden belt with indentions engraved into it. The front of his belt has a golden buckle that has a diamond shaped ruby in it. Hanging down from the buckle is a green drape cloth with a red ball on it with a yellowish golden cloth hanging down from it. He has a light dose of black mascara and they form small eyelashes from the side and they appear to be the same color as his eyebrows and hair in the sunlight, but when in the darkness, they're a finely dark color of black. He has a wide nose and a monkey mouth that very slightly resembles that of Homer Simpson's beard. This may be due to the fact that he's a monkey and/or because of his strange but loving bond between himself and Homer Simpson. He also has very big and weirdly detailed looking ears.


Hanuman is a kind and loving deity of benevolent care for everyone in the world. He is a figure, resemblant of strength, determination, and passion, therefore he is a man of those traits just as well. He is a friendly person to Homer Simpson and despite the fact that he is far superior to him, he interacts with him on his level.