Weekend at Burnsie's
Gump Roast
I Am Furious Yellow
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Created By

Matt Groening

Written By

Deb Lacusta
Dan Castellaneta

Directed By

Mark Kirkland

Executive Producers

Al Jean

Matt Groening


Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner

Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith

Hank Azaria


Harry Shearer

Special Guest Voice

Ed Asner

Special Guest Voice

Alec Baldwin

Special Guest Voice

Kim Basinger

Special Guest Voice

Stephen Hawking

Special Guest Voice

Ron Howard

Special Guest Voice

Elton John

Special Guest Voice

Lucy Lawless

Special Guest Voice

Joe Namath

Special Guest Voices

N' Sync

Lance Bass

J.C. Chasez

Joey Fatone

Chris Kirkpatrick

Justin Timberlake

Special Guest Voice

Elizabeth Taylor

Special Guest Appearance



Adam Clayton

The Edge

Larry Mullen

Also Starring

Pamela Hayden

Tress MacNeille

Karl Wiedergott

Executive Story Editor

Joel H. Cohen

Lyrics by

Deb Lacusta
Dan Castellaneta

Creative Consultant

Matt Groening

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