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Gulp 'N' Blow Waitress

The Gulp 'N' Blow waitress is a character that appears in the episode Gone Abie Gone as an employer. She first appears as she ask Jeremy Freedman if she can borrow $10 from the cash register as she has to get drunk before she goes to a party, she appears in another scene where she is seen playing with her hair.


The Gulp 'N' Blow waitress has long toffee blonde hair which is down with a couple of layers. She wears a pink shirt which exposes her stomach, blue grey jeans, grey trainers and gold creole earrings, her name isn't revealed.


Simp Episode – "Gone Abie Gone"


  • Based on her age, it is hinted that she is a university student or a postgraduate as she reveals that she is old enough to drink alcohol.
  • She only says speaks once in her episode.
  • She looks similar to the Teenage Babysitter but it is unknown whether they are related or not.


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